Tesla Energy Product Request: Silent Leaf Blower

Tesla Energy Product Request: Silent Leaf Blower

I'm sure there's a really long line of worthy products and features for Tesla to develop before it gets to this one, but for anyone who's met the morning to the sound of the neighborhood gas-powered leaf blowing crew, you'll understand this product request. Imagine a blower as silent as a Tesla, powered by Tesla Energy? Reduce emissions, reduce noise pollution. California might even make it mandatory at some point. The power module could be "modular", compatible with a whole class of Tesla-module compliant developers.


carlk | January 5, 2018

+1 And lawn mowers too.

carlk | January 5, 2018

Yes I know there are electric leaf blowers and lawn mowers out there but they are Leaf not Tesla which is what we need.

rlwrw | January 5, 2018

Sorry. Windspeed makes noise. Ask any skydiver if they can talk to each other while free falling.
I have an electric blower/vacuum/mulcher, which works great, but the wind speed still makes noise, though not nearly as much noise as a gas powered leaf blower.

Rocky_H | January 5, 2018

@rlwrw +1
Just this year I got a cordless Black & Decker leaf blower/vacuum. The little fan blades that have to move the air and the flow of the air through the tube just do make a pretty good amount of noise. It's probably less than a gas one, because you don't have as much engine noise added to it, but still noisy.

mcdonalk | January 5, 2018

A rake (followed up on pavement with a broom) doesn't use any gasoline or electricity, and they are relatively very quiet. However, I haven't seen one in years.

spmeister | January 5, 2018

I've had a (corded) electric leaf blower for many years. It's incredibly loud. A battery powered one would be just as loud. You still have to move the air at high velocity, and the fan makes noise as it does so. | January 5, 2018

I switched to a EGO backpack blower - while it's not silent, it's very quiet in comparison with all the others including my prior corded electric. No need for ear protection. Also very powerful, with a 56 v lithium-ion battery. Probably not ideal for a lawn service that runs all day, but for me it works great. I think it's at Home Depot and Amazon:

hcwhy | January 5, 2018

I don't allow leaf blowers on my property. I want waste removed..not blown around. The noise is annoying for me and it's unfair to the neighbors. | January 5, 2018

@hcwhy - I agree with you, but about twice a year my roof needs to have leaves and needles blown off. Really hard to do it any other way. The battery blower makes quick work of it. It takes far longer to pick up all the stuff blown into the yard all around the house!

Frenchy | January 6, 2018

I would love to see an Agricultural electric tractor-Huge market opportunity. Fairly large size, min.100 PTO. Auto pilot ect.

b.tesla | January 6, 2018

About 11 years ago, I switch to all electric lawn equipment (plug-in; no battery). Most of them make a fair amount of noise, the leaf blower more than the others, but it is a lot less noisy than gas powered lawn equipment. If somebody could make electric ones that are a lot quieter, I may give them a shot. And for the record, 11 years with very little maintenance, and they're all running fine.

jordanrichard | January 6, 2018

IT doesn’t matter what piece of equipment you convert to electric, there is going to be noise. If not from the electric motor itself, but also the mechanism that is doing the work, be it the plastic string in a weed wacker, the blade spinning in a lawn mower, the inlet fan in a leaf blower. Last year we bought an E-Go snowblower which can shoot snow 35 ft. While it is much quieter than a gas powered one, it still makes noise. You have a large blade spinning at a high rate of speed grabbing snow and then shooting up and out.

rgrant | January 6, 2018

What’s even worse than the awful noise of gasoline blowers and movers is the fact that they’re 2-stroke engines meaning they’re highly polluting too! | January 7, 2018

Not to plug EGO (there are other good makes), but I also switched to battery electric mower several years ago:

While not silent, it dramatically quieter than my prior gas mower. No more gas, oil, spark-plugs, air filters and carb adjustments. No more straining my back pulling the ripcord to start. No fuel and exhaust fumes polluting the area. Why anyone would consider a gas mower today is beyond me.

Captain_Zap | January 7, 2018

Several early Tesla adopters were fans of Mean Green Machines.

Uncle Paul | January 8, 2018

What you probably want is a variable speed battery operated blower. The less volume you blow, the quieter it would be. Most of the time, just a quiet puff might be all you need to blow little stuff, but when necessary you can ramp it up to full (and noise) power. Use just as little blow as you need.

Bet Dyson comes up with this before Tesla. Also bet it will cost more than you want to pay.

Ross1 | January 8, 2018

You miss the point of TYesla's Mission Statement: to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.
Leaf blowers will not save the planet.
Ask instead for trucks, ships, planes helicopters, power stations, the big energy users and polluters.

Captain_Zap | January 8, 2018

Maybe Tesla will start selling rakes.

NKYTA | January 8, 2018


Rocky_H | January 9, 2018

@Uncle Paul, The Black & Decker blower/vacuum I got does have a dial for variable power.

carlgo2 | January 9, 2018

My Green Machine blower has a great effect on leaves even when using its low speed setting. It has a large diameter tube that evidently moves a large volume of air rather than the normal small tube designs that rely on high and noisy velocity. It is simply better than my quality gas blower.

There is one nearby city that has banned gas blowers and there is a move to ban them in the county as well. Fine with me.

Should_I | January 11, 2018

you know if you put a permanent magnet alternator on the electric leaf blower you could skip the battery and just use a pull start like a gas model, only problem would be stopping it.

vickyricheal | July 19, 2019

This one is ever best I have been using for myself