Any insights why M3 is bundling "cold weather package"into the premium upgrades? Odd they treat heat as a luxury item. Though I get the production line advantage of bundling. | January 10, 2018

Actually the need for he cold weather package is less than you might think. The M3 can be heated up remotely in advance of getting it - so it's toasty warm as soon as you get in. Even if you forget, it starts to heat as soon as you get in. There is no 5 minutes of engine warm up time like ICE cars. I'm not saying the cold weather package is not useful as there are some other attributes, but most can live without it too.

Manjushr | January 10, 2018

sure... but not at -27F. Kids need butwarmers too. It sure woudl be great to break out subzero package from the other premium upgrades.