4-Year Extended Service Agreement

4-Year Extended Service Agreement

Owner since May 2016 43k+ miles, a couple of questions:

1) Wondering if I should get the 4-Year Extended Service Agreement?

2) If I decide not to get the Extended Warranty, is there items that I should have Tesla look at or fix before current Warranty expires?

Thanks, david

Triggerplz | January 19, 2018

As high as parts and labor cost are if you intend to keep the car you most definitely should get the extended warranty

Solarman004 | January 19, 2018

This is a Model X-- high component failure rate, and extremely high cost of repairs. I plan on keeping mine for a very long time because I love this car, but will definitely get the extended warranty. It will pay for itself with just one or two problems.

Tropopause | January 19, 2018

Extended warraranty is actually an Extended Service Agreement (ESA) and technically requires some service actions on behalf of the owner to be available for purchase. Read the fine print carefully as it states all four annuals must have been performed during the first 50,000 miles, must continue to be performed during the ESA and there is a deductible for each visit. Might still pay for itself in time but under all the terms listed it doesn’t come cheap.

Triggerplz | January 19, 2018

Ive already prepaid for the 4 year maintenance agreement so if I keep my MX i will most definitely get the extended warranty

Tâm | January 19, 2018


Check to make sure your fuse for Cabin Heater is good for the next 4 years. That's about $4,000 replacement:

Same for your A/C:

"Dcp9142 | April 29, 2016
At 60,500 miles the air conditioner died. Turns out the DC-DC converter failed and fried the compressor. $4k to repair. Car is a 2013, vin 160xx."

Check your 17" MCU display which used to cost $4,000

Check your onboard charger which could cost $2800

Check your door handles:

"wamochi | August 6, 2015
@mjwellman- even if it's not drive related, the little parts cost big money . i've been told a door handle replacement is $1800! Like Dennis , we are waiting to get to 45-50k and deciding if we will be keeping the car for the long haul. If we do, we will get the extended warranty."

and so on...

Dlee1969 | January 20, 2018

Tâm, thank you so much for your detail post.

Tâm | January 20, 2018


You are welcome.

My thinking is: I don't need to buy extended warranty on my $15 wrist watch. I can change its battery and its wrist band myself and if it is broken, I can afford to buy another instantly.

However, Tesla costs as much as a mobile home or a home in some parts of the US so I can't just throw my broken Tesla away and get a new one instantly.

And if I do fix my Tesla, it costs an arm and a leg!

If I know how to fix a Tesla myself or if the repairs are reasonable with third party, I wouldn't buy an extended warranty.

I believe that most cars are fine or otherwise, Tesla will go bankrupt for fixing broken cars while they may not get enough pre-paid amount.

So, for the peace of mind, I would prefer to pre-pay the pre-set expenses in the form of Extended Service Agreement whether my car will break down in future or not.

travwill | February 21, 2018

Note there is a little misinformation here. I intend to get it in a couple years as have a 2016 but lower miles. The ESA states you need to complete services every 12,500 miles or yearly DURING the period of the service agreement. So once you start the ESA, you should do yearly service by guidelines to keep it safe. Note, the 4 years prior or time prior too starting the ESA, i.e. standard warranty, you do not have to do service as stated (the 4 mentioned as recommended). I'm doing really just year 2 and probably 4 before starting the ESA.

Redmiata98 | February 21, 2018

Note that the requirement is every 12,500 miles OR annualy, whichever comes first. So if you travel 25k in a year you must have the service twice.

lilbean | February 21, 2018

This reminds me that my second annual service is coming up.