Selling PowerWall to homes already off-the-grid

Selling PowerWall to homes already off-the-grid

I've heard that Telsa will not provide a PowerWall to any home that is already off-the-grid. Is this true? Can anyone elaborate on this?

ted.stuch | February 16, 2018

I am interested as well. I have been on the waiting list since Nov 2016. Plan was to use them for my off-grid cabin. And Tesla is very quiet about Off Grid use.

they mention it in their FAQ:
"If you are in a remote area without access to utility power, Powerwall and solar can offer an off-grid solution. For our remote off-grid offering, please place a deposit here and someone will contact you to discuss further."

Although I have never had anyone reach out to me yet, and they have had my money for over a year. (In an e-mail response Last July they mentioned it will be Q1 2018, but all requests for information this year have been met with deafening silence)

I am really getting anxious. as the cabin is almost built, and I need a power solution. I really don't want to buy Lead Acid Batteries.