Model X P100D with 22 inch wheel range problem

Model X P100D with 22 inch wheel range problem

I got my 2018 model x p100d with 22 inch wheel couple week ago,

I drive regularly with ludicrous mode but with reasonable soft foot, creep mode off and regenerate set to standard

This is the range I am getting beloew

Current Trip 7.1 mi 19 min 623 Wh/mi
Since Last Charge 114.4 mi 57.6 kWh 512 Wh/mi

I wonder if the numbers looks right, it is almost only half range as the Tesla officially rated value

Thanks a lot for replying!

HadoukenZR | February 28, 2018

There's a lot of topics on Tesla's 22" wheels. Particularly how heavy they are and have a big impact on range. It's not uncommon to see 10-15% range penalty.

I'm in a similar boat. I have a X100D on the way end of March and already have a set of 22" Tesla wheels planned. As I use the car mainly for daily commute I won't care much for the range hit but if there's road trips down the road I would definitely plan more carefully.

burdogg | February 28, 2018

caooolu - what are the temps like? Do you have cabin heat on? lots of hills? Speeds you are going? Interstate? Distance you travel (short trips?) Etc...there is so much that goes into your wh/mi.

But that being said, the Performance with 22 inch wheels are going to give a hit to your rated range.

More details and we can give a more accurate picture of normal :)

I have had my X90D for 14 months - my overall average is right around 333. But during the last two cold weeks, it has been more in the 400 - of course we do a lot of short trips, so we loose so much in the battery never gets warmed up, so every time we jump in, a lot of energy is being diverted to the battery heater. We rarely use the in cabin heat.

adrian | February 28, 2018

I have the same combo & get pretty bad mileage, especially in the city. On long highway drives I probably average around 450 Wh/mi, in Brooklyn around 650. In real world driving I get around 120 miles on a theoretical 280 mile full charge.

Redmiata98 | February 28, 2018

I have read there is slightly over a 10% hit due to the 22s. There is also about a 5% hit on the Tesla Winter 19s. I have the latter and am waiting for the spring changeover back to my 20s. So, it is not just the size but also the weight of the tires that effect the mileage.

inconel | February 28, 2018

Winter tire compound might also have more rolling resistance.

@caooolu where are you located? If you are in the tri-state area I'd be happy to do a side by side comparison. Driving the same roads at the same time with same car specs except that I have the 20 wheels. If you are somewhere else try to find someone with the same car but with 20s.

Tropopause | February 28, 2018

New tires have a 10% penalty, in addition to the 22” Summer tire penalty, until the tires are broken in- approx 1,000; according to Tesla.

Tropopause | February 28, 2018

As others have said, come Summer you will do much better. Patience.

davidahn | September 22, 2018

Sorry to dredge up this old thread, but was regretting getting 20's because the ride is a bit "light", doesn't feel solid and very little road feel. But... after 3 minutes of research, I'm glad I got 20's:

Tesla's site no longer has the warning of 10-15% less range, but that's pretty huge. Already glad not to lose the 2% for the Performance, but 10-15% is a no-go for me. I have a 151 mile weekly commute with a 3000 foot climb one way which I make comfortably driving 80 mph charging to 92%, 20% left arriving at the office, and charging to 80%, 25% left arriving home. With 15% less range, I would have to charge to 100% and have 17% at the office.

No, thank you! I'll happily stick with my 20" wheels and slightly light ride.

bonhari03 | September 22, 2018

Davidahn has a perfect example of when someone would need that a lot of of range on a daily basis. Thankfully he has done everything he can do maximize it. I'm also thankful I don't have to get a bigger battery or do without the big wheels because I don't have to. To be a company with presumably limited options, Tesla still manages to produce a product that works for a wide range of needs. MX 100d for maximum range, MX p100d for maximum acceleration, 75d for maximum value.

caikangze407 | October 20, 2018

Glad I got the 100D with 22"

caikangze407 | October 20, 2018

Glad I got the 100D with 22"

inconel | October 21, 2018

I bet you are doubly glad that you got the 100D with 22" :-)

caikangze407 | October 22, 2018

@inconel...sorry, I double clicked post. don't know how to delete it

Richard JC Allen | January 3, 2019

I have the chance to get 22’s but after reading this I may stick with the 20’s

benbethel | July 29, 2019

Wow - I'd like to know how people are getting such wonderful range. I have a 2016 MX P100DL+ with FSD, and 22" wheels... I live in Arizona where our speed limits on the highway are 75mph but that means most people are driving 80-100mph most of the time between the two cities I travel between most. From Phoenix to Flagstaff (not far from Grand Canyon) elevation changes from 1000 feet to 7000 feet above sea level, with 2 very long inclines. It is 150 miles door to door, and I cannot make it without stopping at a supercharger, using about 700wh/mi. Going in the other direction it is a long downhill drive, so I return to Phoenix with about 75 miles on my MX. Would love to have better range and am seriously considering getting 20" wheels. We do a lot of long road trips, plus do this 150 mile drive 1-2 times a week.

artc1688 | July 30, 2019

wow 700wh/m is crazy! I won't complain about my 380 wh/m consumption

jjgunn | July 31, 2019

I have a 100D ( minus the "P") with 22" wheels.

First 3,600 miles pulled 414 Wh/mi. I think it's getting better now that they're broken in. 360-380 now.
Maybe the "P" makes all the difference?

Triggerplz | July 31, 2019

@ jjgunn The “P” always makes all the difference :-)

jjgunn | July 31, 2019

I'm a Vitamin V guy ;-)

Triggerplz | August 1, 2019

Same thing :-)