Voice commands

Voice commands

Is there a site that describes what voice commands are accepted by the model 3 system? I didn’t see a good review in the manual, maybe I missed it?

Specifically, can I say call XYZ on there mobile phone and have it choose automatically the cell phone of that person in my contacts? Right now it seems I can select the contact by voice but am presented a list of contacts numbers for that person that I have to manually select from.

EVRider | March 16, 2018

In the Model S, you can specify which number to use (e.g., “mobile”), so I would assume Model 3 works the same way. Neither the Model S nor Model 3 manual goes into much detail.

djharrington | March 16, 2018

I'm on 2018.4.9 and all I can get is the contact to come up. I then have to select which number on the screen. I've tried helping it with "call ___ on mobile", "cell" etc. However, my S behaves the same way, so maybe it's something to do with how my contacts are setup on my iOS device, since his appears to voice select on the S.

For navigation, I can "navigate to: [place, address, GPS coordinate]" and it works great.

For media I can select songs and artists, and haven't ever tried anything else.

djharrington | March 16, 2018

Also, with dialing, I can say the specific number and that works. And, if asking it to call a contact, if the contact only has one number, it dials it directly. I only have to select if there are multiple numbers.

carlk | March 16, 2018

Ones I usually use in my S/X are:

-- Call (a contact or a number)
-- Navigate to (a full or partial address or any names on your list--home, work, etc, or any descriptions like xxxx restaurant in yyyy city)
-- Play (name of the song, artist or genre)

As for your specific question I think (but not 100% sure) it is intelligent enough that it will eventually learn the number you usually want to call. For example it will always dial wife's mobile when I say call Lucy now even there are several numbers listed under her name.

djharrington | March 16, 2018

Carl, your cars seem to have a higher IQ than mine! It's interesting to hear that you've witnessed learning. That may be my problem because I don't really use the voice dialing a ton.

janendan | March 16, 2018

Yes, the ops manual is specific to current commands

dsvick | March 16, 2018

Can you use voice commands for climate control?

Yodrak. | March 16, 2018

"In the Model S, you can ... , so I would assume Model 3 works the same way."

I see this written a lot, but I also see discussion of many things that the S (or X) can do that the 3 cannot do. So why is this assumption made?

djharrington | March 16, 2018

@dsvick, not in my version (2018.4.9)

Haggy | March 16, 2018

"I see this written a lot, but I also see discussion of many things that the S (or X) can do that the 3 cannot do. So why is this assumption made?"

Because if it can be done with software and doesn't require additional hardware, there's no reason for Tesla to leave out a feature in the long run. With some features that require so much as a switch to configure them, the interface design needs to be changed so it's not trivial. In the long run, I expect features that are in the Model S but not in the Model 3 that the Model 3 should be capable of to be added to the Model 3. For now, some are missing.

When I got the Model S, voice commands worked as documented and not beyond that. I was surprised that the car wouldn't even let me call a number using voice. Tesla added that and never updated the documentation, so it's reasonable to assume that it does some things that aren't documented. For the phone, you can call a phone number, or give it an address book entry. If it's ambiguous, the car will give you a choice. For now, it's less full featured than I'd like to see, and I haven't been able to specify home or office when multiple numbers are present.

EVRider | March 16, 2018

@Yodrak: Like Haggy said, while there are many differences between Model S/X and 3, there's no reason to assume features they have in common would behave differently if those features don't depend on hardware. Voice commands is a perfect example.

I thought Model S would let you say "call xxx on mobile," but I rarely make calls from the car so I'll have to double check. I'm using an iPhone. I don't think the "call xxx on mobile" will work in any Tesla unless "mobile" is the exact label for the number you want in your contacts (when there's more than one number).

Bluesday Afternoon | March 16, 2018

Say, "Navigate to Mexican Restaurant" and a list of Mexican restaurants will appear and i can choose a restaurant. I've found coffee shops, AAA offices, credit unions, etc. Very useful and takes away from pulling out my phone.

It's just a matter of time before more additional voice commands will be added. The Model 3 seems to work better than my Model S in speech recognition.

carlk | March 16, 2018

djharrington The VR definitely is doing learning. I also noticed that I got significantly better hit rate in my S than in wife's X which I only drive occasionally.

djharrington | March 16, 2018

Good to know. I'll have to start training :)

Goose66 | August 23, 2018

I wish the "Listen to" and "Play" commands would work with other sources than Streaming. For example, "Listen to CNN on TuneIn," or "Play Muse on Kevin's iPhone," or "Listen to 87.1 FM."

jvcesare | August 23, 2018

@Goose66 You can use "Hey Siri Play..." to play music on your iPhone.

Sunergy-NJ | August 23, 2018

I say "Play CNN" all the time and it works fine via TuneIn.

seaware | August 23, 2018

@jvcesare If you own an iPhone you can actually say "Hey Siri..." to Tesla followed by ANY command for your iPhone. This transfers the voice command from Tesla to your iPhone and opens up a bunch of new possibilities like...
"Hey Siri what's the weather tomorrow?"
"Hey Siri tell Jane I'll be home in 15 minutes" (to send a text message to Jane)
"Hey Siri did the Giants win?"
...and obviously a bunch more. This works on my Model 3 and I assume other models too.

SalisburySam | August 24, 2018

Since I cannot easily read the time on the far right of the Model 3 display, I use Siri: “Hey, Siri, what time is it?”. Works every time for our iPhone6 and iPhoneSE. Simple but overcomes my visual issues.

docjog | May 22, 2020

my tesla "call" wont work...not recognizing contact in phone book? but "navigate to " does work. any thoughts?

jimt | May 23, 2020

Tesla Voice Commands

Command List:
- Open Browser
- Go to or Go to
- Search Google For X
- Open Easter Eggs
- Open Phone
- Open/Close Energy App
- Adjust mirrors
- Adjust steering wheel
- Enable/Disable sentry mode
- Lock/unlock doors
- Lock/unlock Windows
- Open/Close charge port door
- Set driver seat heater to
- Set Seat (XXX) heater to (XXX)
- Set rear seats to high
- Set wipers to auto /1/2/3/4
- Show Wi-Fi
- Show/Close Backup/Rear Camera
- Show/Close Bluetooth
- Slow down windshield wipers
- Speed up wipers
- Turn off windshield wipers
- Turn on windshield wipers
- Turn on/off all seat heaters
- Turn on/off front defroster
- Turn on/off rear defroster
- Turn on/off the defogger
- Unfold mirrors
- Wipers Max
- Open Home Link
- Open/Close Owner's Manual
- Show me tire pressures
- Show Trip
- Open/Close autopilot
- Open/Close Display Settings
- Open/Close Drivers Menu
- Set dome lights to automatic
- Turn dome lights off/on
- Ho Ho Ho
- infinity and beyond
- keep sumer safe
- Fart Noises
- Adjust Air
- I'm cold
- Increase/Decrease the temperature X degrees
- Make it cooler
- Make it warmer
- Move air up/down
- Open/Close HVAC controls
- Set fan to automatic
- Set fan to X
- Set the temperature to XX
- To infinity and beyond
- Turn off "H" "Vac"
- Turn off the air
- Turn on/off Camp mode
- Turn on/off Dog Mode
- Turn on/off floor, windshield vent
- Turn on/off recirculate
- Open the glovebox
- Set passenger seat to high/medium/low
- Show seat heaters
- Show the odometer
‪- Turn on/off rear left/right/middle seat heater‬
- Open/Close Music
- Open NetFlix
- Open YouTube
- Play
- Show media
- Next Song
- Mute Music
- Cancel Navigation
- Drive to
- Go Home
- Go to airport
- Go to Work
- Navigate to
- Take me to
- Turn on/off satellite mode/view
- Turn on/off Traffic Display/view
- Where are the supercharger stations
- Zoom in/out on the map
- Call
- Open phone app
- Show text message

roger.klurfeld | May 23, 2020

Take a look at It lists 166 commands, some of which do not work right now. But it doesn't list the one I sent in: "Open butt hole". I've tried it and it works! A new way to open the glove box.

FISHEV | May 23, 2020

Typical Tesla, it doesn't update the owners manual with a list of voice commands it's programmed into the car. it is a big help in dealing with single control screen issues.

geedub1023 | May 23, 2020

Hmmmm.... roger mentions a command "Open butt hole" and looks who is the first to respond! /s

geedub1023 | May 24, 2020

Bump. Note Fish comment above.

rob | May 24, 2020

Nice link. Bookmarked it.