Phone Problems

Phone Problems

Morrisseyaz | March 17, 2018
When I place calls, often I can’t hear when or who picks up and many calls dropped. Only happens in my Tesla not my MB. Anyone have a Bluetooth problem with Model S? Any fixes you know about? Most appreciated. J

tes-s | March 17, 2018

Does this happen all the time, or only when backing out of parking spaces and the car jerks to a stop?

EVRider | March 17, 2018

Apparently you haven't learned how to search the forum yet (since there's no search feature), so see this topic to help you learn how to do that:

goodspeeffffd9633 | September 13, 2019

What`s not good. I`ve had a similar problem. My wife has Tesla also, but I drive bmw. Bluetooth connection was nice in my car and had similar problems as your`s in my wife`s car. Firstly we thought that it is problem with her car`s media, but she used her phone in the car and it was okey. Then one of my friends adviced me to chek my telephone`s bluetooth module. I found a nice service .This guys cheked my phone and the problem really was in the bluetooth module. They changed it very quick and problem with conection disappeared. Good luck, drive tesla don`t pollute the air