Where's the launched Tesla?

Where's the launched Tesla?

I am curious about the roadster. Do you have a plan to land it on MARS?

Very rare update from elon's twitter.

jordanrichard | March 24, 2018

The Roadster was never going to be landing on Mars. It was going to go into Mars’ orbit.

Frank99 | March 24, 2018

Actually, it's going into an orbit around the sun that reaches out as far as Mars:
Look about halfway down the page...

DTsea | March 24, 2018

would need a rocker stage to enter orbit jordan.

DTsea | March 24, 2018

rocket i mean

bgbythsea | March 24, 2018

I wouldn't be surprised if EM makes an effort to go retrieve the Roadster at some time in the future. It would yield great information on prolonged space exposure.

David N | March 24, 2018

Perhaps it will stay in Mars orbit until Elon gets to Mars, then he could simply retrieve it so he has a vehicle to use on the planet!

DTsea | March 25, 2018

except... again.... it wont enter Mars orbit.

blue adept | March 28, 2018


It would be unwise to retrieve the Roadster given that it has been exposed to the vacuum of Space unprotected and so, subjected to all manner of radiation which would be fatal to us.

DTsea | March 28, 2018

jaa thats just silly. long duration exposure to space doesnt render things toxic or radioactive.

sbeggs | March 28, 2018

What is the composition of the Van Allen belts?

SCCRENDO | March 28, 2018

@DTsea. Actually it does. I also thought it didn't. But fact checking is important particularly in the Trump era and with anything related to climate change denial

SCCRENDO | March 28, 2018

@sbeggs. Google is a wonderful tool

rxlawdude | March 28, 2018

Another reason having an atmosphere surrounding our planet is a good idea.

SCCRENDO | March 28, 2018

@rxlawdude. Unfortunately our climate change denier and fossil fuel crowd feel we do not have sufficient atmosphere and wish to fill it up with CO2

DTsea | March 28, 2018

scc that article reders to radiation hazard to humans in space not to induced radioactivity for objects in space

so no. it doesnt.

SCCRENDO | March 28, 2018

@DTsea. Besides external radiation that would impact someone trying to approach the Tesla it seems that the Tesla will accumulate radioisotopes itself. So anyone approaching the Tesla and trying to handle it will be exposed to radioisotopes.

DTsea | March 29, 2018

scc, long duration space exposed samples do not become radioactive. cosmic rays are high energy aingle protons and if they interact with iron, aluminum, or carbon they dont become radioactive. solar wind is charged ions and are low atomic weight.

otherwise every planetary body without an atmosphere and magnetic field would be radioactive after billions of years of exposure. so would meteorites.

they arent.

from the article:
The Long Duration Exposure Facility was a satellite studying space effects on materials. After more than 5 years in orbit the LDEF spacecraft structure and experiment materials acquired a very low ( ~1 to ~100 pico Curies per kg) level of radioactivity. (For comparison bananas have 3,520 pico Curies per kg)

so it would take the roadster 500-5000 years to become as radioactive as a banana.

SCCRENDO | March 29, 2018

@DTsea. Thank you. I stand corrected. I have been trying to google this myself and interestingly I came across these as regards radiation levels on Mars

DTsea | March 29, 2018

i enjoyed looking it up esp tbe banana part.

a magnetic field is important. the Van Allen belts are solar wind ions trapped by the magnetoc field of Earth. it isnt important as a radiation shield- what it really does is prevent the atmosphere from being stripped by the solar wind. the atmosphere in turn filters out most solar UV. it isnt as effective for cosmic rays.

mars, with no mag field, has little atmosphere- les than 1% of earth pressure- so is more exposed.

SCCRENDO | March 29, 2018

OK. So who is coming with me to find the roadster??

Remnant | March 31, 2018

@SCCRENDO (March 29, 2018)

<< OK. So who is coming with me to find the roadster?? >>

Difficult question, SaSoT. Do you realize we might be mummified even before we get into the solar orbit?

Would we take a couple of bottles of something with us and celebrate, or should we rather spend our last moments in prayer and official duties, such as shooting pictures or taking space walks around the ship with prescribed duties?

janendan | March 31, 2018

Can anyone tell me why SpaceX would design the BFR with WINDOWS, when a lighter, safer structural design would be to mount simple lenses outside with ultra-high definition flexible screens throughout the inner walls of the vehicle allowing views of everywhere from anywhere.

sbeggs | March 31, 2018

Yes, I would love a continuous set of live shots of moon, sun, earth rotating, likewise for outer planets. You could see these videos for megabucks as backdrops for advertisements, and the sky is the limit for creativity!

SCCRENDO | March 31, 2018

@Remnant. I agree it is likely a suicice mission so I will bring the finest scotch. As an avid photographer I will definitely bring my camera with.

Tesla2018 | April 1, 2018

For April Fools I was thinking of taking my red Lotus that looks like a Roadster and parking it on the beach in front of the launch site at Cape Canaveral with a dummy in it that looked like Keith Richards in a spacesuit and replace the DONT PANIC sign with one saying IM BACK. Also since it was Easter I would have the radio playing Here comes Peter Cottontail non stop and have a bible that says Elon Musk is the grandson of God and was resurrected along with the spaceman. After 40 days he will ascend to Mars on the Falcon X.
But the space center has a fence going along the no drive beach as you get close to it and there is a Air Force base the next beach down, so I would be hit with missiles if I even tried. But then I could just leave my car in the visitor parking lot and freak people out.

SCCRENDO | April 1, 2018

@Tesla2018. An April fool prank is better when you don’t explain it before hand. Personally I’m glad you didn’t try it. Not the cleverest nor most impressive prank i’ve Seen