Using HOV Lane in Georgia (Florida registered S75D)

Using HOV Lane in Georgia (Florida registered S75D)

I have a 3 month old S75D and can use the Florida HOV lanes (with a decal) if I happen to be driving alone. Does anyone know if that extends to other state's HOV Lane’s (ie, Georgia)?
thanks in advance for any help.

DTsea | April 3, 2018

Washington state is a NO.

as it should be.

babyjocko | April 3, 2018

It depends. There are two types of HOV lanes in GA:

Regular HOV lanes require the following:
- Alternative Fuel license plate (for which Teslas qualify)
- 2 or more people in car

Hot Lanes:
- Registered Hot Lane vehicle with Alternative Fuel license plate (for which Teslas qualify)
- 3 or more people in car
- Peach Pass transponder

babyjocko | April 3, 2018

BTW, the Alternative Fuel license plate used to cost $60 annually. Now, its like $250, which, for me, is not worth it. There is no annual charge for a regular plate -- just cost for the tag, which is around $15. GA no longer has the ridiculous ad valorem tax, which was based on the value of your car. A 1 year old P100D would've cost around $1000.00.

shank15217 | April 3, 2018

@babyjocko VA has a 4.15% property tax on the value of your car ;-)

EVRider | April 3, 2018

@Rudka3303: In case you didn’t know, your FL HOV registration also gets you free access to the I-95 express lanes in south FL, but you have to register for that access (no charge). You can register here:

MilesMD88 | April 3, 2018

Just paid for my 2018 tags in GA. Looking at the receipt. All BEV's in Georgia pay, this year, $208.13.
The standard tag fee is $20. The Alternative Fuel Plate (to drive in HOV/HOT for free) which I have is an additional $35.
The green tag is a life saver if you live on the north side of Atlanta and well worth the extra $35.
To the OP, not sure how GA handles out of state BEV. For the HOT lanes, you definitely have to have a transponder. The FL transponder is supposed to work in GA. For regular HOV lanes, not sure.

Rudka3303 | April 4, 2018

Thanks EVRider and all others. This is very insightful. Basically, I can't use the FL decal for anything other than in FL, which makes some sense. You can however, use the FL SunPass in Georgia. So , there's that!....

EVRider | April 4, 2018

I didn't know that you could now use the FL SunPass in GA, but I verified it on the SunPass web site: you can use it wherever the GA Peach Pass is accepted. You can also use it in NC wherever the Quick Pass is accepted.

joe | September 16, 2019

I just spoke to the GA DOT - they said that they would permit out-of-state electric vehicles in the GA HOV lanes and that you wouldn't be required to have the special GA plates - a LEO would know (or figure out) that your vehicle was an EV and you'd be OK.