100 More Signatures?

100 More Signatures?

We are getting down to the wire on deliveries. I have seen numerous postings of people wishing they could get a signature Model X. I see no harm in adding another 100 or so to accommodate some of the reservation holders with this issue. I am sure some will say this diminishes the value of their signature. I am not buying the car as an investment. The signatures are not a "1 of only 10 ever built" type of vehicle. I believe it would make economic sense to add the extra signatures. With all options added I know it would cost more than I will probably spend if I design my own. Significant other can't understand why I would want to have and pay for Ludicrous speed or fanciest wheels. If Ludicrous speed and other extras are part of the package I would definitely take them with a smile on my face. Bottom line, more money for Tesla, more happy customers (future Tesla car salespeople)! I've read that Tesla does not read forums. Perhaps a phone campaign? Any thoughts?

paradis | 12/08/2015

No way - I am already waiting over 2 years. Don't need line jumpers pushing my delivery back further.

ian | 12/08/2015

+1 paradis. | 12/08/2015

And another bump

clublon | 12/08/2015

Not trying to jump line. I would be willing to wait for a second run after existing reservations filled or possibly they could run them when reservation number comes up for production. No different than running each person's options they choose. They could limit it to those with existing reservations when they come online, etc.

pvetesla | 12/08/2015

Sorry. Sig reservation holders (which I am not) were willing to put $40,000 upfront many moons ago. They believed in the idea of the X and should be given a "bonus" of sorts. NO MORE sigs... but some will eventually be available USED.

Anyway....I read some article regarding the first 1000 or so will have "hand made" parts prior to production ramping up. That worries me since the first X owners complained about noises and other issues because of this exact thing.

Red Sage ca us | 12/08/2015

You'll be in good hands.

jjs | 12/08/2015

@pvetesla - To flesh out Red's comforting words.

I bought an early model S, VIN in the low, very low, 3,000's. The car had numerous problems. Far more than any new car I have ever bought. Every one was fixed quickly, at no cost, by staff that really gets customer service.

Then they added a battery shield, and of course all the over the air updates.

All issues with my S were fixed in the first year and the last 18 months have been trouble free on my S with almost $75K miles. It is better now than when it was new.

I agree that there might be a few more issues with early releases of the X. I have a middle of the pack sig reservation and have ZERO concerns about the long term quality of our future X. (Wife's car.) Tesla will take care of all issues.

Or to put if more succinctly:

You'll be in good hands.

pvetesla | 12/08/2015


So true. I got my MS early 2013. Had some issues but I loved putting all the miles on the loaner while they fixed it. I got to know the tesla service staff and it helps to this day when I have questions or go in for minor stuff (not very often anymore). Funny that I miss those early days.

Can't wait to get the X. Just hoping it looks good while at a reasonable (funny how that's subjective) price.

jjs | 12/08/2015

I have given up on "reasonable price". Seems there is not much reasonable about our obsession. :)

I am hopeful, however, that it looks better than the limited views we have had of it so far.