100 years of American automotive history meet

100 years of American automotive history meet

I couldn't resist taking this picture:

Brian H | 29/12/2013

Which one is yours?

jordanrichard | 30/12/2013

The funny thing is that there were full electric cars back then. Jay Leno has a few electric cars from the early 1900's.

Webcrawler | 31/12/2013

Henry Fords wife always drove an electric car....

Brian H | 31/12/2013

Only Tesla has finally cracked the range and refueling conundrum.

Car t man | 02/01/2014

In a "mass" sales and marketing fashion surely.

gpsvts.vehicle | 06/01/2014

Which one vehicle is yours? The above picture reveals that American automotive industry was historic and moved rapidly towards a modernized auto industry.

Car t man | 06/01/2014

Actually, it shows it largely still is historic, got better during the economic collapse, because it had to, and only Tesla made a leap forward, with the rest trying to find excuses why not do it..