17" Screen went dark

17" Screen went dark

I just got to Vegas after driving in from L.A. Barstow SC worked well although I wish I didn't use up over 200 miles of range for a 135 mile trip. I needed a full hour stay at the the Barstow SC on account that it's only rated at 90 kw. I haven't yet taken the car to get recharged yet as it had about 48 miles of range left on it when I parked it at the hotel. When I returned, the car took extra long to turn back on and when it finally did, there was a small warning on the drivers cluster that said "wait for the touchscreen". The entire touchscreen was black at that time and it never turned back on for the duration of my 12 mile trip back from dinner. I plan on leaving it at Vegas Tesla store to charge all day and will hope to come out tomorrow and find that the screen is now working although I'm not holding my breath.
By the way, now that the indicator shows 34 miles of range remaining, the normally green bar in the driver's cluster has turned to yellow. Is this also normal? Could the car be automatically turning off the touchscreen to save battery? I noticed that the car's odometer shows only dashes in the drivers display cluster as well. It must all be interconnected. Should I be worried?

Tâm | 16/10/2013


Did you pay for exorcist service with your plan?

wait for the touch screen: Sounds like it's still in sleep mode.

Did you try to reboot the 17" display (holding steadily both the 2 rollers on steering wheel)?

green bar: Yes this is normal. The battery gauge would turn from green to yellow, then to red depending on how much charge is left.

automatically turning off: is normal, but it should wake up in seconds, not a deep winter bear sleep.

Odometer: should always be numeric when the car is ready to move.

You should not be worried. Rebooting on your own should work.

Then, verify with Tesla that you might need another version of software update that is good at waking up without paying for an exorcist service of course.

CalabasasKid | 17/10/2013

Thx for the heads up. I'll try the reboot tomorrow morning

Tâm | 17/10/2013


Oh. For the odometer, of course you have to reboot the dashboard by holding both upper button (above steering wheel buttons) down until it reset then release your fingers.

Good luck!

July10Models | 17/10/2013

Hold down the left and right scroll wheels to reboot the 17" display. It is okay to do this while you are driving. Had to reboot mine several times at highway speed. It has nothing to do with you running low on range. The yellow range indication is normal. Keep your power usage down to 270Wh/mile to get ideal range.

Captain_Zap | 17/10/2013

Just don't do the other boot of the driver display while driving. (The upper buttons.)

My little battery only turned yellow when it thought I should start looking for a place to charge. By then I am at the point of thinking about it anyway. If the weather is colder or your are travelling uphill it should take it more seriously.

Brian H | 18/10/2013

Booting the dash display while driving will just black out the speedometer etc. for a few moments. NBD

JPPTM | 18/10/2013

Must be an odd planetary alignment. This morning I went to my 5 month old S85 with 6500 miles (with 70 miles SoC), opened the door and was greeted with the DSoD ('dark screen of death'). I waited to see if the touchscreen would eventually boot--no joy. I pressed on both scroll wheels--nothing. Found out that you have to press the brake pedal and get the car to 'wake up' a bit before doing the '2-thumb salute' and that you have to hold them down for quite a while until you see the Tesla T on the touchscreen. All OK now.

noshird | 30/10/2013

This is strange. I had exactly the same problem JPPTM describes today happen to me twice today. First in the morning, then again in evening after leaving the car plugged all day with a resulting in with a full charge. Had about 150 miles of charge still left on the battery overnight. Had my car for 7 months, never had this problem before. Both times required a reboot.
The weather has been getting a little cooler here in NY.

tezzla.SoCal | 30/10/2013

I had the same thing in my car today also, 1st time. I booted both top & bottom. It was kind of weird driving with the dash blanked out!

brickayola | 31/10/2013

Me too yesterday...

Tesla said "I checked the reading on your 12 volt battery and it says it's good. Normally a scroll wheel reset will work for those concerns. I have seen where sometimes you have to reset it 2 or 3 times. Tesla has the new 5.6 firmware update coming out within the next few days, so hopefully that will resolve further issues with that. But, be assured, all the vitals on your vehicle are showing good and working properly at this time. Please let me know if you run into anymore issues."

I love remote diagnostics!!!

Captain_Zap | 31/10/2013

If you have to reboot more than a couple times it should be reported so that it can be fixed.

Tesla told me not to do a driver cluster reboot while driving, only a 17" reboot.