Anthony Bourdain... "My sweet new ride!"

Anthony Bourdain... "My sweet new ride!"

I Facebook follow amazing chef, foodie, world travel, and Travel Channel Show personality Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations), and he just wrote on his Facebook Page...

"My sweet new ride! Tesla Model S" (with a photo of it)...!/AnthonyBourdain

I am not sure if he actually bought it and was a reservation holder, or is just testing it for one of his TV show episodes, however, either way, it's always cool to know the celebrities you look up to have similar taste in amazing cars!

Teoatawki | 11/07/2012

Since the photo shows a large professional camera mounted on the hood pointed toward the driver position, I'd lean toward featured in an upcoming show. It's really hard to judge the color from the shot, but it might be green. So that would make it a test drive car. But it if it's black, then it might be his.

TikiMan | 11/07/2012

Here is his most recent tweet...

Anthony Bourdain ‏@Bourdain
#TeslaModelS is a SWEET ride!

Brian H | 12/07/2012

Actually he doesn't say "My sweet new ride" just "My sweet ride".

As for the cameras, those look like suction attachments, temporary, could be placed on anyone's car.

Sousaphil | 13/07/2012

"No Reservations" was able to borrow one of the Seattle test drive cars to film an episode. Pretty cool stuff.

BYT | 13/07/2012

Darn, was hoping he had received his?? Oh well.