Any molded Grab Handles

Any molded Grab Handles

I didn't see any molded grab handles to a assist mobility impaired person to give support for entering or exiting the Model X. I have to transfer my wife from a wheelchair to the car and grab handles are a great help in that process.

It does look as though with the falcon wing doors I would be able to get her properly seated in the front passenger seat by adjusting her from behind. Looking foreword to a test drive so I can test out my theory.

Red Sage ca us | 03/10/2015

I've seen exactly zero of them in all the photos and videos of the Model X interior that have passed my retinas. | 03/10/2015

Did not see any in Elon's X at the X release event. It's possible they may be added, but I doubt it. I think it may go against Elon's aesthetic view of having lots of frivolous stuff (many others disagree, but that's another topic beat to death in the S forum).

cprzywarty | 03/10/2015

I have to agree. Having an elderly person get in and out of your car, they do use the grab handles. My mom and aunt always use the front window grab handles in my 2005 ford escape hybrid, they are in their late 70's. Would be easy to add a grab handle to the side of the second row seats. I love the grab handle on the front window support pillar in my ford.