Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

gdubcobra1 | 07/03/2014

43 b-day present and BS grad present

Neophile | 09/06/2014


griffd | 09/06/2014


willardb | 09/06/2014

86. And very happy I lived long enough to see Elon Musk and his team develop the Model S. It is a real joy in my late years!

anodyne | 09/06/2014

36 - completely uninspired by other vehicles so I'm going all out for the model S

zak | 09/06/2014

39 from Poland

kawdennis | 09/06/2014

I'am 70 seems to me most people who ask me informed questions about mine are under 30 the guys I play golf with are 70+ and can't understand why anyone would buy a Tesla

jai9001 | 09/06/2014
SCCRENDO | 09/06/2014

Looks like we are of average age. LOL

rogermm | 09/06/2014

pick up this Saturday at factory!

bobrobert | 09/06/2014

Thanx - I haven't been carded in quite a while. Oh wait, does being asked "Do you get senior discount?" count? | 09/06/2014

@willardb +1
67, going on 24.

Ryan D. | 09/06/2014


hcwhy | 09/06/2014

67 last week

couchaj | 09/06/2014


rkteck1245 | 09/06/2014


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 09/06/2014


yk | 09/06/2014


BiffandSully | 10/06/2014

I am 42; hubby is 45.

Kutu | 10/06/2014

68 in August, I am just reaching mid-life!!!

hsadler | 10/06/2014

I'm 65 - so my average age would be 32 1/2

Captain_Zap | 10/06/2014

I'm the same age I was when the first of these age threads started.

Thanks Tesla!

sami | 10/06/2014

25! I take ownership of my tesla in two weeks!!

Roamer@AZ USA | 10/06/2014

@Zap, Great minds think alike. When I saw this old thread pop up I had a similar thought.

Maybe this thread should be titled, "How old were you when you bought your first Tesla".

Haggy | 10/06/2014

I plan to keep it until I'm 70. Then if I have a midlife crisis I will get something new. I don't know if I will want a car that can't drive itself, has a 2D display that I have to touch, won't prevent accidents, and won't display my tire pressures.

renwo S alset | 10/06/2014

I am a year older than the last time I posted on this tread. Unfortunately, no wiser.

BCW1 | 10/06/2014

I took delivery of my P85 last week... 33. Getting my mid-life crisis out of the way ahead of time.

williamweiss21 | 10/06/2014


This Forum has aged me beyond recognition. 900 posts on this topic? 900? Without actually answering the original question.

Red Sage ca us | 10/06/2014

The average age of Tesla Owners is a hair over 51.

I think that was mentioned a page or two back.

Bighorn | 10/06/2014

Brian would occasionally compile the data here and I believe we had a figure near 49.

Aman | 10/06/2014

I'm 28.

Red Rover | 10/06/2014

I turned 82 on 6/4. I don't really want to be the oldest guy driving an S. Someone help me out here!

DannyB | 10/06/2014

50 at delivery.

django | 10/06/2014


Brian H | 11/06/2014

Yeah, I haven't updated my average, but I suspect those who surf and post here may be a bit younger than the general ownership population.

Brian H | 11/06/2014

hsadler is a smart-ass, and is averaging his age over his whole life. Just sayin'.

Rolling Stone | 16/10/2014

Me 68
Wife 26
Tesla less not quite born yet

fdboyce | 16/10/2014

My wife and I are 78 and 79 respectively, and both of us feel a great deal younger since Nov 25th of last year - delivery date for the S85 . . . WA Lic. "GASKIKR" Seven more years on our service plan, and we'll trade it in on a Model Z (?).

Nantang | 16/10/2014

41; I don't have one yet, but I'm aiming for one around my 42nd birthday next year in April.

gregmorchower | 16/10/2014

I'm 34, and shall remain that age indefinitely due to time dilation resulting from the extreme velocity of my magical space car relative to the earth.

sharkeyj | 17/10/2014


hsadler | 17/10/2014

@Brian H
'hsadler is a smart-ass, and is averaging his age over his whole life. Just sayin'.

Flag as inappropriate'

Just answering the question. Now if the OP meant the age of the average Tesla owner, that would solicit a different response.

mjkauer | 17/10/2014

Someone asked me if it was a mid-life crisis for me. I said I hope so I am 72 1/2 years young Driving a Tesla until I am 145 years sounds great to me :-)

GolfCar | 17/10/2014

Age: 63. P85 on order. January delivery.

carlk | 17/10/2014

A few 10 year olds did buy the MS just before the autopilot and AWD announcement. ;-)

polavarapu | 17/10/2014

33 here, will get it before 34th birthday :)

Jacqueline.gerhart | 17/10/2014

34 years old.

johncotant | 17/10/2014


PhillyGal | 17/10/2014

@gregmorchower - I like the way you think! If that's the case, my husband and I will get to stay 30.

Joon @US-CA | 17/10/2014

36 years old