## BEAUTIFUL 2013 MODEL S FOR SALE $70,000 obo 12,900 miles

## BEAUTIFUL 2013 MODEL S FOR SALE $70,000 obo 12,900 miles

Stacz7 | DECEMBER 13, 2014
Beautiful Model S that is for sale

2013 Model S 85kwh, black/black/obeche gloss, which can seat 7
only 12700 miles located in San Jose, CA ( although being driven during sale )

I will be selling my S85 vin# P104xx that is in good condition. I am the original owner and took delivery May 2013. Car has been well loved, maintained and only used for local daily commuting. HOV stickers already obtained and discretely placed.
Clean title.
Only acquired flaw is a single superficial paint scratch on rear corner panel.see photo

I am looking to sell it this week to a private buyer, thus I have priced it to sell at $69,000
Serious buyers only! Text will likely give you the fastest response. Thank you ! 408-242-9263

Here is the options list:

85 kWh Model S
Tech Package
Standard Suspension

Black Paint
All Glass Panoramic Roof
19" Wheels with all season tires

Black Nappa Leather Seats
Obeche Wood Gloss Decor
Rear Facing Seats

Black Nappa Leather Seats
Obeche Wood Gloss Decor
Rear Facing Seats allowing 7 person occupancy

Supercharger Enabled Included
Single Charger

Aftermarket options:
Crystalline 3M Tint 70% Windshield, 70% front door glass, 40% rear hatch glass
Removable center console insert from tesla accessories
Custom Obeche Wood -- Gloss for $1,158.00
Weathertech custom car mats

To view the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, please click the link below:


Feel free to call or text me if you are a serious buyer text 408-242-9263

Rear passenger flaw pic of scratch

pic of scratch

Bighorn | 16/12/2014

Text and title prices don't match. | 16/12/2014

we have very different definitions of a "superficial paint scratch". That, sir, is a dent

dennycrane888 | 16/12/2014

Looks like a dent AND a scratch.

Stacz7 | 16/12/2014

Price was lowered to 69,000 obo.

Bighorn | 16/12/2014

As OP, you can edit any of your title or text.

Captain_Zap | 16/12/2014

I agree. That is a big owie.

AmpedRealtor | 16/12/2014

That's a dent, bro. It's not a "single superficial paint scratch". I'd change that description ASAP!

Pungoteague_Dave | 16/12/2014

Sold similar car with air suspension and other options, no giant dent, no rear seat, 30k miles, to a buyer in Arizona for $62k - after Tesla offered trade at $51,500. With $2k+ of damage, this car is worth around 65k IMHO, based on lower mileage.

bryoo | 17/12/2014


Definitely not a scratch. I would even go as far as saying that it's not even repairable (unless you like bondo).

LEvans | 17/12/2014

You are better of repairing that dent before you offer the car for sale or be prepared to take a significant price reduction as I'm not sure who'd want to pay $60K-something for a car with damage when S85s can be had in pristine condition for the low to mid 60s...

Not trying to derail your sale here but telling you what is obvious and what potential buyers will be thinking...

sbeggs | 17/12/2014


That's exactly what I was thinking...

Captain_Zap | 17/12/2014


You essentially gave your car away in a big hurry.
I'd say that your car's price is an outlier.

NKYTA | 17/12/2014

@Zap, time is money. ;-)

BTA22 | 17/12/2014

Agree that PD's transaction seems like an outlier. No offense, PD.

Wish I would have seen the listing, my wife would have looked good in that car at that price...

NKYTA | 17/12/2014

@BTA22, I think you meant to say : my wife would look good in any any price.

Your welcome. ;-)

NKYTA | 17/12/2014

Or "you're" @BH.

Pungoteague_Dave | 17/12/2014

How can it be an outlier when I received more than $10k above Tesla's written offer? It was a market deal, no pressure to sell.

dennycrane888 | 17/12/2014

$10k above Tesla's written offer to purchase is a decent deal.

IMO way too many sellers have unrealistic expectations of the worth of their USED car. It's a commodity. It depreciates. Even modern day Ferrari's depreciate. The market for a used Model S is very limited. If it were not, there'd be 6 month waiting periods for the cars.

Stacz7 | 17/12/2014

Car is sold. But thanks for everyone's input

Pungoteague_Dave | 18/12/2014

How did you do?