Beta X video

Beta X video

Is this a testing of the beta X. Found this on TMC a few minutes ago.

jjs | 29/01/2015

Oh no. It looked like a Prius.

aljjr2 | 29/01/2015

Looks like a Pontiac Aztec... worst looking SUV ever. ouch.

ouch ouch... Even GM discontinued it. It could hold a Washing machine... ouch.

Gen3Joe | 29/01/2015

It does look like an Aztec! At least in camo form. God help us if it looks like that without the camo. My guess is they taped up the bottom portion of the windows so we can't tell what the body lines will look like.

jjs | 29/01/2015

You are both right. Like a bloated Aztec.

I'm going to have to get my deposit back.

David Trushin | 29/01/2015

That car did not look big enough to be an X. Hardly room for back doors, let alone a third row of seats. I'm sceptical.

aljjr2 | 29/01/2015

Hope it IS the Camo that makes the outline look "Aztec-ish". Guess will have to wait to see. At any rate, it is good to finally see Beta Testing Mule.

Red Sage ca us | 29/01/2015


ian | 29/01/2015

There it is! Yay!

Definitely looking aztecish. Not good. Not going to cancel, yet. Ha! ;-)

raffael s. | 30/01/2015

It is just heavily disguised. They have put paper, or something like that, on the back and painted the front black. Looks can be very different if you actively change proportions. If you look at the same car, in white and in black, the black one looks smaller. What they have done is make the back look huge and the front as small as it gets. It looks out of proportion. And that is maybe what they wanted...

NumberOne | 30/01/2015

Since the test car seems to be the general shape of the Prius, I have to say that it may well be a Toyota. If it turns out to be a Model X I will be very happy, but if you look on a large screen, the back of the car just does not look right, unless it has been changed significantly.

PMadFlyer | 30/01/2015

It looked to me like they put something on the back to make it look square, and cover up the shape. I'll have to watch it again though. | 30/01/2015

Definitely Alameda but everything else in the video, entitled "Telsa", is subject to question.

AlMc | 30/01/2015

To impress the Toyota management years ago JB/EM took the shell of a smart car and put their electric drivetrain/battery pack in.

I put my aluminum foil pointy hat on and came up with a similar situation where a prototype model3 drivetrain was put into a Toyota of similar dimensions to what will be the model3 body and went out for a fun drive.

Back to reality: probably an X | 30/01/2015

I also think this is an MX, but based on the hyper-analysis over on TMC and the accompanying screenshots it appears obvious that the back end has something covering it. If not then it is quite hideous.

My only certain takeaway is that it can move pretty fast, which we all assumed anyway.

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Take a look at the photo on EV Annex...

The graphics are designed specifically to cast they eye in a different direction, feigning an alternative design, when viewed from a distance.

Jonathangarner | 30/01/2015

Wouldn't Tesla have access to a private location to test a mule? Why would they risk being seen and filmed?

jjs | 30/01/2015

@AlMc - I believe the Smart Car conversion was to impress Daimler, not Toyota.

IF this is the X and IF they did disguise it, I hope they were going for UGGGGLY, 'cause that's what they got.

cliffmccormick | 30/01/2015

"Prius" was my first reaction to the photo...and I had a similar reaction to the video.

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

Typically, test mules are disguised to be ugly, unattractive, and unrecognizable.

A Prius is much, much smaller.

Ph03n1x | 30/01/2015

But they did manage to make it look a bigger ugly prius.
If it is was they wanted to achieve, it is a win.

But I do dislike these design so badly.
All EV but the S are ugly so far, winner of the contest beeing the i3.

ian | 30/01/2015

Definitely damn quick! Stops on a dime too! That and it stays really flat in those 360's!

I hope they've added some vertical space in the back, as I've said before, so I can get some bikes in the back standing up. ;-)

It does look like a larger Prius V. I like the 2 box design of most wagons though so I'm not totally turned off.

Can't wait to see the final reveal!

Iowa92x | 30/01/2015

You know the Prius is frugly when Tesla uses a Prius for camo inspiration.

rossRallen | 30/01/2015

OMG! This is pathetic considering I have had a $40K deposit on a Model X Sig for 19 months now. Show us something real, please

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

ian t: Take a look at the original reveal video. The vertical space is tremendous in the rear of the Model X. I think some people haven't fully examined just how deep this car is...

Sin_Gas | 30/01/2015

There is a pretty good argument that this car is too short to be an MX, over on the MS forum. Should go read that before you decide.

My vote is for an early M3.

Sin Gas

Sin_Gas | 30/01/2015

There is a pretty good argument that this car is too short to be an MX, over on the MS forum. Should go read that before you decide.

My vote is for an early M3.

Sin Gas

AA_4_Tesla | 30/01/2015

Seems too early for any Model III prototypes.
I'm guessing a Model X proto with some odd body additions. Maybe to test some different aero characteristics or weight distribution.

Red Sage ca us | 30/01/2015

It is a Model X. The people who think it is too short [CENSORED] in my opinion.

NumberOne | 30/01/2015

I just looked again. This time I compared the video by pausing it at 0:42 (viewed from an angle), and 0:43 (from the side) and comparing it with the rotating graphic from the original Model X site. It is very well camouflaged, but the position of the front wheel vs. the windshield, and the wheelbase exactly matches. The rear looks a little different, but that is due to camouflage hardware and paint. The Rear window is almost totally covered in the camouflage, which changes the appearance a lot.

While I said it looked like a Prius earlier, I am now thinking that it can be nothing but a Model X.

Oh what they put us through. I really look forward to finally seeing it.

aljjr2 | 30/01/2015

@LeonardD... agree. I reduced the Model X (home page) picture on its diagonal and stopped thee video at 42-43 to get a similar angle, and it appears to be the correct size and profile -- less the squared off rear end. The "B" pillar seems wider. The size is correct and profile fits.

Someone who is adapt at placing them side-by-side here can give a try.

Gert van Veen | 31/01/2015

Damn, its ugly, hope it's the camouflage

stuart | 04/02/2015

Manufacturers often test disguised cars on public roads. Visit Death Valley in the summer and you can see some weird stuff. That's where they go for high temperature testing.