Booked test drive three weeks in advance, and asked to reschedule the day before in Natick, MA?

Booked test drive three weeks in advance, and asked to reschedule the day before in Natick, MA?

Hi Folks,

I'm very disappointed in what prevailed at the Natick, MA location. I had booked a Tesla Model S test drive three weeks in advance. I freaking live over two hour to three hour drive from this location, and already made plans to come this April 5th, 2015 for a test drive.

Their excuse was that there's an "event" for tomorrow. But, I checked the "events" listing here and there are none listed for this location. I'm also wondering if whoever I spoke with on the phone thinks I"m not a serious buyer or what.

I'm mad and frustrated since I want to get the Tesla Model S when my lease for the Chevy Volt is due! They want to book me for a 5pm on a Sunday, an hour before the store closes. I am very mad, and upset at this location for this experience. I'm beginning to feel that because I'm "asian", they think I'm not a serious buyer.

DTsea | 04/04/2014

Go ahead and order one. You don't need a test drive.

Your allegation of racism is silly. If your check clears they will be happy to sell you a car.

cmaster2014 | 04/04/2014


It's true my allegations are silly. But, these people should've informed me atleast a week before hand about the rescheduling so I can make plans again.

Either these workers are incompetent to treat customers who will spending 100k (for some nearly 7 years of their working life to pay the car off) right, or get a different job.

drax7 | 05/04/2014

If you were to be an Asian woman , you would get the highest priority,
Life is a mystery, just accept it.

church70 | 05/04/2014

This just happens it happened to me too and I had a deposit of $5000 down already but that was over a year ago I have had my car year now still love it

PorfirioR | 05/04/2014

Where does being asian come into the test drive? Did they ask?
That is a pretty quick trigger on the race card.
Then you start insulting the workers because you will be buying a car that is several times THEIR annual salary and somehow that entitles you to be a jerk.

You are saying a lot more about yourself than Tesla in this thread. This may be a good time to quit.

David N | 05/04/2014


cmaster2014 | 05/04/2014


If my name is Bruce, I'm not Asian, right? But, if my name is, Isumi Nakato, that sounds like it's Asian.

Either case, I was at the store. Traveled two hours for them to rescheduled me again. I had to go since I made plans with a friend to meet there. I have to go again. Two hours to the store, and two hours back. So, doing this twice costs me a total of 8 hours travel time.

I'm not using the race card, it was a side effect of my frustration with these people. I want to spend my hard earned money, they need to treat me respectfully by calling me a week ahead of time, and not 24 hours!

cmaster2014 | 05/04/2014

I had given them three weeks heads up too when I schedule, so, atleast return that courtesy. These employees are not really good at keeping interested buyers satisfied.

DTsea | 05/04/2014

@cmaster we can all tell you are frustrated.

If the car is 7 years pay for you, it's ummmmm..... too expensive for you (that sounds like you make $14000 a year). I hope that is a typo.

Probably they sold the car... or needed it for an emergency... or something. Somebody goofed with the scheduling, that is obvious.

But I can tell you this... you don't need a test drive.

Do you have a deposit down? That makes you more serious.

cmaster2014 | 06/04/2014


I had a deposit down. Please, don't judge people who just wants a Tesla for the name. I have a house, two kids and a wife. They need me. I'm very responsible. You're thinking I'm making 14000? That's laughable since I won't even get a loan greater 80 or 100k for a car. Debt to income ratio is too much! :D

I will do the same to you. People (many whom I know are Physician - just like me - Engineers, Lawyers) don't like to pay a lump sum to pay for what they want. Pay it off in six years, two years, one year, it doesn't matter, really.

Brian H | 06/04/2014

he said "for some people", not referring to himself.

It was very inconsiderate to cancel your appointment with only a day's notice. Only some kind of emergency which withdrew the car from their hands (like breakdown) could justify it.

church70 | 06/04/2014

Brian H is right that is what happened in my case somebody jumped the curb or something the car needed service I got them to throw me a free hat LOL

Objective1 | 07/04/2014

@cmaster2014: Sorry to hear you were treated the way you were. Obviously, it is right that they should have given you more notice, and should have done what they could to show that they appreciate your business.

But now, mellow out. If you do buy the Model S, you will be buying the product of a (great) growing company that hits bumps in the road while revolutionizing the auto industry.

The car itself should make up for these little frustrations.

And what's 8 hours of your time, compared with $100,000? It's hardly a dent in the costs of ownership.

GeekEV | 07/04/2014

If they "asked" you to reschedule, you could have said no.

jordanrichard | 07/04/2014

Where are you coming from that Natick is 2 - 3 hours away?

This "event" they spoke of may not have been an event in the sense of what is listed on the Events page. I know that even upwards of 1 week out from a given date, an event may not be listed here on the site. Also when you set the test drive appointment, were you speaking with the Natick store or did you call the number to California? Also, did the person/people at the Natick know that you lived so far away?

I live in CT but didn't work through the Natick store, I went through the Westchester NY store. This is the first I have ever heard anything negative about the Natick store.

DTsea | 07/04/2014

OP, glad you can afford the car. You WILL enjoy it.

Your comment about seven years PAY threw me. I gather you meant paying the LOAN for 7 years.

Anyway... bummer about the test drive but don't give up, the car is awesome.

I do save up and pay cash, so I was driving a 14 year old car when I bought my Model S. I don't like paying interest on an expendable (life less than 15 years) consumer item like a car.

Brian H | 08/04/2014

Too bad; if you'd borrowed and used the money on TSLA, you'd have 5-10X as much by now.

DTsea | 12/04/2014

Brian, H, with a crystal ball of course it is easy to make money on stocks.

When I bought the car the stock was already at close to $100. But it's a speculative play. Margin investors- if you borrow money to free up cash to buy stocks that's what you are- get STUNG as bad as shorts have if they guess wrong. When I buy a consumer product- a consumer, a car- I don't borrow to pay for it. That's for houses and productive capital assets.

Peace of mind for me. I miss some opportunities, but I have missed some disastrous downsides, too.

DTsea | 12/04/2014

I meant a computer or a car, not a consumer. Sure wish we could edit these posts.

Brian H | 12/04/2014

Yeah, buying consumers is an inherently lossy business plan, I think.

bduke | 13/04/2014

cmaster2014: I am really sorry to hear that you have had this bad start with the folks at the Natick Mall. I also live 2 hours from the Natick Mall and made 2 trips there, one to ask questions and check out the car and the second to take the test drive, I ordered my S from this store and thought they were awesome and I will guarantee you there is no racism involved they say shit happens. Being canceled for the test drive would have angered me also but what you need to realize is that there aren't a dozen cars there waiting to be driven, only one or two so knowing these people something happened that was out of there control because they will do everything they can to try and make you happy. Let them know you are unhappy but give them a second chance and if they fail you again...... I dealt with Payson he saved me some money and I would recommend him to anyone.

cmaster2014 | 13/04/2014

Thank you for tips and advice.

Tesla called several days ago and offered to drive 160 miles to my location to give me the test drive instead of having to go back down to MA again. I took the offer. I also like to give complements to that gentleman for driving here without a super charger station nearby and having to make due with the Level 2 chargers to get back home. Knowing that he's in a Tesla, I'm sure he probably like the drive up here and learned more about the community here. He might help spread the knowledge that almost everyone up here has a Prius, and that everyone would swap their Prius for a Tesla if the super chargers are here. There's a mass market of EV cars up here to snatch from Prius owners. I personally was a Prius owner.

I'm glad they did it. It shows that they're willing to make things right.

DTsea | 16/04/2014

Nice followup cmaster

Hi_Tech | 16/04/2014

@cmaster2014: I'm glad things worked out.

As an Asian (from India) and also live in MA, I bought my Model S in summer of last year and took several test drives from the Natick MA location about a year ago. Many of these showroom reps from the Natick location have actually moved over to the service center in Watertown now. Since owning the car, I've talked to the folks in Watertown many times as well. With all of this experience with the folks in the MA locations, I must say that they have been nothing but extremely friendly and have always gone out of their way and done anything they possibly can to help accomodate for any potential buyer, as well as owners.

I'm sorry that things didn't go well for you during your first attempt, but I hope you now (with the offer to drive to your location for the test drive) understand that owning a Tesla is not just about an amazing car, but just as game-changing in the service experience that you'll see over the years. Hope you enjoyed your test drive and will join us in the ownership community.