Bring Tesla to the Middle East!!!

Bring Tesla to the Middle East!!!

Many people think that since petrol is quiet cheap here in the Middle East, no one is going to buy an electric car. But demand for Tesla in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates(Dubai/Abu Dhabi) is high. I have a suggestion for Elon Musk and the whole Tesla team. If you are not sure about the demand on Tesla's in the Middle East, Then why not ship one or two Model S's to Dubai, Do a test drive event and see how many orders you get. If you get heavy demand then open a store and if not, You won't lose anything. But trust me, In the Middle East, A lot of people are rich and they demand a beautiful looking sedan with an acceleration speed of a McLaren F1 and technology of the future. I hope that the Tesla team will read this and deliver the message to Elon Musk.

SD Supercharger | 22/01/2015

Yup-People will need Tesla's to outrun the police who are equipped with Bugatis and Lambos. We feel your pain. No seriously--good point. Teslas in countries that produce loads of oil is a good message.
I hope Elon takes you up on your request. Is there any problem with the electrical infrastructure supporting superchargers in UAE? Is there infrastructure support for wind and solar? Will the government support subsidies for electric cars?

ian | 22/01/2015

Talk about prime areas for wind and solar!

Svenssons | 22/01/2015

I think UAE would benefit by going toward electric cars. I guess they subsidize petroleum today. Petroleum they import because no refinery in the country.

Al1 | 25/01/2015

I guess we'll find out more about Tesla expansion plans during earnings call.

I expect model X and Gigafactory will remain top priority for Tesla.

Each new region adds to supply chain complexity and these may be delayed for another year or two. A lot depends on a particular opportunity however.

farzad.12 | 06/02/2015

I work for a company which could do this for Tesla, and a two day event could take less than $10,000, except for shipping the cars here. There are so many people who want the car in UAE, but they are scared to buy any and import them because there are not service centers in the region.

Svenssons | 06/02/2015

I think Tesla will continue to build their own service centers and show rooms in any new market they enter and later add third party then they are up and running. I do not think Tesla will enter any new market this year. The expansion i China and Australia have already taken time from for example finishing Model X. Australia is very new market and the sales in China did not meet the expectations.

I do however think Middle East is a very important market for Tesla regarding Model S and Model X together with future Roadster 2.0. I would love to see the SuperCharger network expand from Turkey into Iran, southern Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE for example. I think this could be possible around 2017. The region have however some problems with stability. Maybe it will be easier to start in UAE and work north but my dream is that the SuperCharger network in Europe and Asia are connected making it possible to drive from North Cape, Norway to Hong Kong, China or even Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only by charging from SuperChargers.

vperl | 06/02/2015

Issi needs the car.

Thoughtful of U

Svenssons | 06/02/2015

@vperl: Get your facts together. IS are not in Iran, southern Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or UAE.

Boukman | 06/02/2015

There is a Tesla showroom in Dubai...

Tesla MotorsDirections

Address: Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone:+971 50 700 1131

a start...

vperl | 06/02/2015


Not yet, doubter.

Matter of time

Did you say Iran ! Whoops yes you did...

What a load.

Svenssons | 06/02/2015

@vpearl: I see that you admit you were wrong in the first place. If you think a small terrorist army will take over the area there over 25% of all oil production in the world is produced you have a high opinion of ISIS/DAESH. Neither the countries I mentioned nor the countries that buy this oil (for example USA and China) will allow DAESH to take control of the region. You might think DAESH is a great power but they are not. They are a large terrorist army but no great power.

If you think Iran is such a terrible country, search for pictures of Iran in the '60s and '70s. Iran is one of the safer countries in the area to travel through today. Everything is not hopeless.

Great that Tesla is in the region and I guess they are expanding from UAE in south, Turkey in north and China in east. ISIS/Daesh will be crushed as soon as money and weapon deliveries to them end.

ian | 06/02/2015

Boukman - Where are you finding info for this showroom in Dubai? I don't see it on The Tesla Motors website on the "Find Us" map.

vperl | 07/02/2015

Svenson, Iran safe to travel in ?

Something tells me the pork is in your trunk.

Let's ask everyone if they think Iran is a safe, free, and hospitable place for all. This would include all religions and females, and the folks that they stone for not obeying the religious, and thought police.

Plus the support of Terrorists groups with weapons and actual terrorists.

Yep, everyone from California ought to pay a visit, but your probably not an innocent bystander.

Boukman | 07/02/2015

@ ian did a Google search for "tesla showroom in dubai" and this came up.

Map of Tesla Motors
Tesla MotorsDirections
New Car Dealers
Address: Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Phone:+971 50 700 1131
Write a review

try the link :

Boukman | 07/02/2015
ian | 07/02/2015

I found it with a google search as well but I'm curious why Tesla itself doesn't list it as a showroom on their own website. I thought all showrooms where company owned?

It's interesting that it's listed as an "Auto Trading Showroom".

Brian H | 07/02/2015

What showroom? One car has been spotted parked.

thranx | 08/02/2015

With the new executive rear seat option, I'd think Tesla would do well in the Gulf. The cars will lose less power while sitting in the endless line of Mercedes and Audis that stretches eastward from Riyadh on a Thursday afternoon as bored Saudis try to get to Dubai for the weekend. And it will be better for sitting in Dubai's impossible rush hour traffic.

Definitely will sell.

Al1 | 08/02/2015

I believe this is more than just about car sales. Supply chain gets stretched, service centers, superchargers.

Nevertheless, I will not be surprised if Tesla makes an announcement.

Bloodscreen | 08/07/2015

the tesla showroom you guys are speaking about is a general cars dealer check out the link

and yes please bring this to UAE Expo 2020 will be hosted in UAE and it's all about saving energy making life better for the earth

there you go something to make you guys see

i only came here because i was looking if it's possible to get a Tesla
i'm from UAE - Abu Dhabi i hope this will be real one day

thanks for your time

Tâm | 05/08/2015

You made me wonder why Tesla is in Norway and not UAE! So I googled up and this is my theory:

Norway's population is about half of UAE.

Like UAE, Norway is also blessed with oil: Norway is the biggest oil producer in Western Europe and the world’s third-largest exporter of natural gas!

I think the difference is: Norway is committed to be green despite of its oil resource.

It funnels its oil money to promote environmental progress.

As a result, Tesla is much cheaper than a similar gasoline cars.

USA buys the most Tesla and guess which country does the next most? Norway!

Until UAE can prove that it has a favorable environment for Tesla, the priority seems not to be there.

n | 24/08/2015

I just got a Tesla P85D into Kuwait! This car works great in the extreme heat 53C+ . Air conditioning is very cold compared to my BMW 7 Series that I have to always select the temp to be around 22C whereas on the BMW it always has to be below 18C. I just crossed 1,000Km of driving.

vperl | 24/08/2015

Syria and Iran, Iraq would be my choice. Plus a few interesting spots in N. Africa.

Great idea.

scestarelli | 15/11/2015


I live in Dubai and I own a Model S in USA.
I was thinking o ship it to UAE, but I didn't do it yet, as there is no Tesla Service Center her, if I'm not wrong.
Can you tell me about your experience?

Thanks, Stefano.

vperl | 15/11/2015

Syria, Iran, Iraq, and a few other unserved markets ought to be the next step.

brando | 15/11/2015

Rich people can buy anything they want and ship it to anywhere they want. Better things to worry about.

As SD Supercharger wrote;
"Yup-People will need Tesla's to outrun the police who are equipped with Bugatis and Lambos. We feel your pain."
Yeah, the Police really do have super cars, I guess to chase down other supercars? Or they just have lots of money.