Brushed aluminum aero wheels

Brushed aluminum aero wheels

I'd like too see these as an option. The original aero wheels which used to be an option looked awful, so I can understand them being taken off the options list. Why not clean, simple brushed Aluminum wheels instead?

I think the estimate was that they would add 10-12 miles to the range. These would also be lighter, thereby reducing the unsprung rotational mass, improving handling a bit.

The Model S is already the most aerodynamic. These wheels would further bolster that position.

jerry3 | 03/11/2012

It could even be simpler than that*. Just make the spokes of the standard (19") wheel in an aerodynamic shape rather than square. This is done with some bicycle spokes. Right and left wheels would be required.

The problem with the original aero wheels was that they tried to make a disk wheel look like a spoke wheel. Making one thing look like something else seldom produces pleasing results.

* Disk wheels have the problem of blocking air flow to the brakes--while this shouldn't be a problem outside of track use, it's something to think about.

Brian H | 03/11/2012

Brakes? Model S drivers don't use no brakes! Except to restrain the "creep".


jerry3 | 03/11/2012

Track use.

RedShift | 04/11/2012

I agree, with air flow argument, but this is just an option. You track the car, you need different set of tires anyway....

Warranty might be an issue, or those planning on tracking their car. Not sure.

petero | 04/11/2012

Perhaps a bit of retro for the “S.” I have always admired the aero, solid wheel look of Bonneville land speed cars. I have attached a few links to give you an idea. Obviously TM will give it its’ own look. Who needs spokes on an “S?”