Camping With Model X

Camping With Model X

This thread is about taking Model X camping. What are your needs?

I have no idea how many people are planning to take a premium crossover vehicle camping--but I certainly am! Here are a few items from my wishlist that I hope end up on Model X.

1) Leveling. I imagine instant-torque AWD will make leveling the traditional way pretty easy. But air suspension should allow for even easier leveling! When the terrain is only slightly uneven, it would be great if the suspension could auto-level: Pull in. Hit a button. You're done. In those rare instances when level is beyond the range of "Very High"/"low" then it should be easy to switch the low-side tires to "Jack" one at a time and put the required number of legos underneath. Then you could auto-level again for the perfect level. Presumably, after the initial adjustments are made, there would be no additional energy usage while the vehicle remained stationary.

2) Sleeping in the back. Hopefully the seats will fold flat for maximum cargo space, which will make it no problem to throw down a queen-sized air mattress in the back after you unload. Room for two, even tall people should fit fine. And if the seats don't take up all the space when flat, then you could have additional storage underneath.

3) No Auto-Lock. You should be able to leave doors unlocked indefinitely. No auto-locking, and it should be possible to leave the key in the car without it complaining and without any energy drain.

3) No flashy lights or noises. So many premium cars have non-camping-friendly behaviors, it would be nice to be able to turn these off manually when needed. For example: at 3am when someone I don't know's tent is right in front of my Model X, I would like to be able to open the door/back and get in without interior lights coming on, DRL/headlights turning on, any kind of flashing, beeping, alarming, etc. Dark and silent!

4) Low Energy Usage. I know several vehicles that keep the dashboard electronics running whenever any door/sunroof is open. This has resulted in many drained batteries while camping. It would be nice to be able to leave doors open indefinitely without any energy usage. It would also be nice to be able to turn off some of the background energy drains. When I'm outside of cell service, for example, I don't want Model X to keep trying to connect to TESLA, etc. Something along the lines of airplane mode. It should stay in that mode until you turn it off, so that even if you do need to turn the car on to roll up a window or something, you're still in low energy mode.

5) Jump Starts. It would be nice to be able to give a jump start if that were ever necessary when out in the woods. As mentioned above, sometimes those ICEs need a little help from their friends. Could be an optional adapter that could plug into a 12v outlet. Rather than have to remove a fuse (I'm guessing 12v ports are limited to a lower amperage than a starter needs?), it'd be nice to be able to temporarily override via software. Perhaps the adapter has both a DC plug and a USB connection so that Model X knows what's going on.

6) Towing. The combination of aerodynamics, curb weight, power, and low center of gravity would seem to make Model X an ideal towing vehicle for small trailers. Everything should still work properly when a trailer is attached (electrically). I know of vehicles that won't lock, or won't unlock, etc. when they're connected to a trailer. Also, regenerative braking (on 4 wheels!?!) makes choosing the correct threshold for electric trailer brakes a little more interesting. :-)

What are your camping needs? Please chime in!

ernie | 27/05/2016 sure to visit Country Cousin's next door. Good breakfasts and lunches. Last time I was there, 5 stalls were occupied by red MS's. Nice drive too.

rdainer | 27/05/2016

@raging - I would rather get an X as a gift than buy it!! :)

raging.dragonfly | 27/05/2016

rdainer, RIGHT??! No complaints here :-)
ernie, thanks 4 the tip! Visited Bellingham Mother's Day weekend, stopped at Centralia up/back, saw our first MX in the wild there, & we were their first encounter with another one, too. Still aren't many of us out there, yet.

rdainer | 30/05/2016

I went camping, I drove down dirt roads, got bugs all over the car, came home and washed her ...and she's fine :) survived!

lilbean | 30/05/2016

@rdainer: Awesome! I'm glad. I took her to Palm Springs last week, got covered in sap at the Cabazon Supercharger and then ran into a sandstorm. She washed up fine but got a couple minor scratches. Ugh. I don't want to take her to Palm Springs again.

jimvan | 30/05/2016

We are taking our first extended range trip (to Portland to visit our new granddaughter and family) this week, and will be checking out the 16ft Airstream Bambi while we are there. Still considering a trip to Quebec to really check out the Alto. We have been thinking about trips with shorter range stops and charging at camp grounds.

aesculus | 30/05/2016

@lilbean: Get that car wrapped. Now!

Mom2Dancers | 30/05/2016

@rdainer- Glad to hear it!

teslagiddy | 30/05/2016

@Mom2Dancers, @rdainer,
I use this bike rack and love it...

lilbean | 30/05/2016

@aesculus: I already had it OptiCoated :( Hubby did not want to spend the money on wrapping it. He didn't even want it OptiCoated. Mine is white and I wasn't sure if the coating would yellow or not over time.

raging.dragonfly | 30/05/2016

Spent the morning doing combined cooking with the others we camped with this weekend, then packed up & finally headed out around 1pm - later than we'd wanted, but it'll do :-) Stopped for lunch and top off in Centralia again, & are wending our way homeward now. Friday & Saturday were wet & miserable, Sunday & Monday much better! We camped on private property on the Skokomish River on the Olympic Peninsula, outside Shelton, WA.
Unhooking the trailer just once on Friday & today, to Supercharge, was doable but a pain, because I had to get down on the ground to plug the trailer's brake lights back in after charging - you can't see to do that cuz it's up under the rear end of the car. If I didn't have to do that, I'd say that hooking/unhooking to charge was not that bad. We pulled into regular parking from the side, unhooked lights & lock, cranked the trailer up & off the ball hitch, then together we manually backed the trailer into a parking space, then backed Blue into a charging spot.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd give a lot for an easier place to plug trailer lights into - one that doesn't require laying on the ground to see the opening, and where/how to orient to it. I don't personally care that much about looks - just someplace on the back end where I can see what I'm doing! I can still do it (get down on ground), though not easily nor painlessly, but it's even harder for Papaeus.

We went through dirt roads, bush, bugs and tons of misty rain, & the X did great:-)

@teslagiddy, thx for link, will take a look at it soon!

raging.dragonfly | 30/05/2016

@Teslagiddy, any idea if that rack would work for recumbents?

teslagiddy | 30/05/2016

Hmm... As long as there's a long tube somewhere on the bike I would think so. Alternatively, you can "suspend" the bike from the support bars using rope or bungee cords. Due to the width of the recumbent seat you probably can only get two on this rack.

rdainer | 30/05/2016


raging.dragonfly | 30/05/2016

Cool, thx again for the link. We likely won't need it for more than our 2, but have the trailer, and use it, when we take groups of friends/family on bike rides. And yes, they have VERY long tubes, which is a possible source of concern, due to balance issues w/ heavy back end. Our old rack's arms are spread out about a foot apart, and that takes care of that issue.

Mom2Dancers | 31/05/2016

This looks like a great rack to accommodate our family of four. Thanks for the link!

aesculus | 31/05/2016

@lilbean: Opti is only going to help you in keep the car cleaner, or making it easier to clean. Does not help with the rock chips and sand pitting. For that you need to wrap it in Xpel or some other 'Saran Wrap' like product.

While Opi is fairly inexpensive I think it also has a short life (3-4 years?) too.

lilbean | 31/05/2016

@aesculus: I know. :) I wanted it but hubby didn't want to invest in that. He's one of those people who doesn't see scratches or chips. :/ my detail guy does an annual Opti boost treatment. What I meant was I would be wasting my money if I wrapped after Opticoating. Trust me, I wish I had it wrapped.

aesculus | 31/05/2016

Get your hubby a bottle of touch up paint and stand over him every week while he 'repaints' your car. :-)

lilbean | 31/05/2016

Lol. You should see us. I'm standing there with my detail light and I'm like, "See that scratch? See it? It's right there!" He's like "Nope". To put things in perspective, he thinks car washes are awesome. Haha.

JAnnen | 03/10/2016

@Steven.Haver Thanks to you and all the people posting for this list of great ideas. I hope Tesla is considering these Camping Mode options.

sdj | 10/11/2016

Camping in the Model X 5 seater with folding flat seats is a go! Looks like delivery by april 2017 to ensure free access to the superchargers. The utility in SUV is back in the X!

aesculus | 11/11/2016

Here you go. Better get one before they sell out. :-)