Can you turn off locations services on your Tesla.

Can you turn off locations services on your Tesla.

Can you turn OFF the lacation service? Also once I have downloaded the Tesla Motors app on one of my IOS device, I cannot seem to downlaod it on another device. Does it only allow one download per user?

Thanks for your help.

jordanrichard | 08/09/2015

When you say "turn off the location service" do you mean the mobile access?

Eletrek | 08/09/2015

I have app on 3 different devices (2 phones and 1 tablet) with no issues.

Captain_Zap | 08/09/2015

Turn off "remote access".

1BadNerd | 08/09/2015

I'm also not sure what you are asking, but FYI, the iPhone app allows you to turn off location services in Settings => Privacy => Location Services. Of course, that is location of your iPhone (the blue dot in the 'Location' panel).

mrspaghetti | 08/09/2015

Note that OP wrote: Can you turn OFF the lacation service?

I believe this was a typo and he was actually asking about Lactation Service, which I believe is not yet being offered by Tesla. But it is rumored to be an option with the Model X, which is a popular model with women.

rxlawdude | 08/09/2015

@mrspaghetti - Are we going to milk this for all it's worth? :-)

Haggy | 08/09/2015

The "location service" could be referring to the ability to have the GPS report the location of the car. In that case, don't use the app or any third party software such as VisibleTesla. If you are worried that people at Tesla can see your location, their privacy policy essentially says that they don't keep data that isn't necessary for the operation or maintenance of the vehicle, or words to that effect. Even if you call roadside assistance, they don't have access to your location unless you tell them. I've had them ask me where I was, and if the privacy policy excludes even them, then I would think it would be unlikely that you could be compromised by a rogue employee.

The problem may come when you decide to rob banks and use the Tesla as a getaway car. The police could get a court order and force Tesla to provide lactation data. So don't even think about bumping somebody off and escaping in a Tesla.

Also, the TSA might use your location to track you down. The TSA is monitoring this very thread. I know that because once the initials TSA appear in a thread three times, it shows up when they Google it, and they start reading it.

Tâm | 08/09/2015


On or off is only applicable to your cell phone app.

Of course, you can turn off your lactation service and you can confirm with your cell phone app that it is off.

However, even with that off position confirmed, Tesla still continuously collects your car's telematic, including the coordinates of your car.

It's just like when you turn off the room light, you can't see any thing in the dark and you can confirm it with a regular camera but the infrared surveillance camera would still see you whether the room light is on or off.

It makes you feel good that you can turn the light off so "no body" can see you but it has no effect on infrared surveillance camera :)

Tesla doesn't want you to be in the same situation with Malaysian airline where off means really off!

mrspaghetti | 09/09/2015

Where I lactate is nobody's business but mine.

NV4NV | 09/09/2015

@rxlawdude - “Are we going to milk this for all it’s worth?”

That would be udderly ridiculous.

The OP is obviously on the horns of a dilemma.

Perhaps a dose of Lactaid® would help with lactose-intolerance.

We must all be careful not to get a moooooving violation.

Remember, to err is human - to forgive is bovine.

sbeggs | 09/09/2015


So now it's definitive,
Mrs. Paghetti!

ruvboston | 10/09/2015

thanks. Great advice. The lactation info was moooooving.

ODWms | 20/07/2018

You guys are funny. I can tell I’m going to love interacting with the posters here.

gdpenn2 | 30/07/2018

can you disable the location so that it does not show up on the phone app

EVRider | 30/07/2018

@gdpenn2: No, but why would you want to?

Al Cantara | 30/07/2018

I know why you want have a have the app...your significant other has the app. You might want to go somewhere and NOT have your significant other be able to track where you are.

You want to be able to have others have the app, but have some privacy when wanted so they cannot track your car.

MnmthCtyNJ | 17/10/2018

Nubee Model 3 owner - I have the same question.. can the location of the car be disabled for all phones except mine? Both me and significant other have the app but I want the freedom to roam without her knowing where I am by checking the car location. Is this possible?

MnmthCtyNJ | 17/10/2018

Nubee Model 3 owner - I have the same question.. can the location of the car be disabled for all phones except mine? Both me and significant other have the app but I want the freedom to roam without her knowing where I am by checking the car location. Is this possible?

Mike83 | 17/10/2018

I am sure some carjackers would like to know

SbMD | 17/10/2018

@MnmthCtyNJ - the app cannot be set to enable/disable divulging location. Your best bet is to delete the app off of your significant other's phone.

akikiki | 17/10/2018

Change your account password

p.c.mcavoy | 18/10/2018

You can turn off remote access and that will disable any ability for the app to communicate with the car. Just don’t lose your keys wherever it is you don’t want your significant other to know about.

MnmthCtyNJ | 18/10/2018

Thanks for the replies...
@SbMD - was hoping not to delete the app if I didn’t have to. She’ll need it every so often and would ask why it’s deleted each time.
@akikiki - that could possibly work! Good option, thanks!
@p.c.ncavoy - like this one the best. I looked for the steps to do this but didn’t find anything. Do you have instructions for turning off remote access? Thanks!

Bighorn | 18/10/2018

Safety and Security/Allow Mobile Access

carlk | 19/10/2018

***I am sure some carjackers would like to know***

Comes handy for owners who plan to cheat on spouse or commit crimes too,

p.c.mcavoy | 19/10/2018

@MnmthCtyNJ - Realize that my suggestion of turning off remote access also means that any device with the app will not be able to connect to the car, including yours. That was my comment about not losing keys. I do not have a Model 3 to know if turning off remote access in the car also disables the ability for you to unlock your Model 3 via the bluetooth detection method, but you would not be able to use the phone to unlock the car via the app.

Oh, and you might want to make sure you don't use navigation to get to wherever you're going that you don't want the spouse to know about, unless you also take the time to wipe all of the past locations which they could then look up. Not sure there is a way for you to disguise that fact they can look at the odometer and ask the question "Where you been? You drove 50 miles last night and it's only 5 miles from your office back home???".

Now if you want to get to the next layer and 'how can I prevent them from being able to track my phone' you'll need to consult with someone else.

I've tried to resist making any judgements about why you want to do this, but thinking through all the details, I'm reminded of the old adage about it's more effort to maintain a lie than to just tell the truth in the first place.

p.c.mcavoy | 19/10/2018

@MnmthCtyNJ - Oh, and you might want to keep an idea on the front USB ports to make sure they haven't slipped in a very small USB device to record the dash cam video for the past hour and have a nice visual record of your escapades ...

MnmthCtyNJ | 19/10/2018

Wow! Was totally not the reason for my question, but no judgement here. smh

pamich10 | 27/01/2020

Great GPS! Better than low jack. Only concern is if the car stealer knows to turn off remote access. I like having that feature. May need to set up PIN too if I get that paranoid.