Carbon-negative energy source

Carbon-negative energy source

Astonishingly, not funded by the government in any way. I was under the impression that R&D like this without government funding was impossible.

grega | 20/10/2013

Thanks for that link. Interesting that they produce Hydrogen and then throw it into a modified ICE to generate electricity. Add fuel cell technology and you'd get greater efficiency.

If this produces Hydrogen, why are manufacturers doing similar(?) things to product Biogas (as a Natural Gas replacement) and not focussed on Hydrogen too?

Thought provoking. Thanks again.

Dramsey | 21/10/2013

Add fuel cell technology, and you'd spend a lot more money. As far as I know, hydrogen fuel cells aren't readily available on the commercial market...

grega | 21/10/2013

True. Must've been thinking greener and future... instead of practicality and cost.