Concrete changes/announcments to expect 'soon' (Updated)

Concrete changes/announcments to expect 'soon' (Updated)

**Updated Feb 13, 2015**

This is a list I've put together of things that we can very likely expect "soon" from Tesla. I originally started this in early 2014, and have been updating. I'm only trying to include things for which there has been some sort of statement from Tesla or Elon (ie: not just guesses/expectations that have been talked about in the forums without "official" backup).

Here's what I have:

1) Model X developments: As of February 2015, we are told production prototypes have been produced for crash testing, and according to the Feb 11 Q4-2014 quarterly report, 30 betas have been produced and will be heavily tested, with release-candidates coming in March. A black X was spotted driving on public streets on Feb 11. There will be no big event to reveal Model X (and secret new features) before the first deliveries.

2) Supercharger progress: see has been amazing.

3) Roadster long distance travel announcement/surprise: Mostly done. The "Roadster 3.0" prototype roadtrip blog posted Feb 2015. Aero, battery, and rolling resistance mods to go 340 miles (with 20 miles to spare) mostly along CA5 at "around the speed limit," San Jose to Santa Monica.

4) A big announcement to "revolutionize service": This was originally hinted at in early 2014. As of the NAIAS/Detroit Auto Show in Jan 2015, Elon said that it is still coming, and Tesla Service will feel like "invisible love."

5) Gen III progress:Statement by Elon in Germany in Oct 2013: clay model expected to be shown in the summer of 2014, prototype January 2015. As of January 2015, it has been said the debut is pushed to 2016. On Feb 11, 2015 (Q42014 quarterly report conference call) it was said the first Model 3 would be fairly conservative to allow fast development, but after that the platform would be used for more "adventurous" designs.

6) Software update that gives owners control of Air Suspension: Done. Showed up in version 5.9.

7) 135 kW supercharging: Basically done. Many new superchargers are 135 kW shared.

8) Slight EPA range increase to the 85 kWh model. Done, sortof. I expected that the Michelin Primacy Tire Upgrade becoming standard on the 85 would allow a slight EPA range increase (supposed to add 3% extra range in the EPA cycle). This did not come to fruition ... but the early-2015 dual-motor 85 has a slightly increased range.

9) Ventilation or other heat/cooling enhancement for Model S 3rd Row Seats: Done. According to Brian H, this wsa in place in 2014. Also, as of Feb 20 2014, Tesla is selling a sunshade for the rear window to help further.

10) Battery/giga-factory joint venture: Done. Being built in Reno, NV.

11) Autonomous car/related safety features: Done. According to airj1012 on TMC (linked in my Feb 1 post below), we can expect an announcement on this later this year. September 2014: Tesla cars start coming out with lane-keep assist, speed limit assist, and hardware for adaptive cruise control. Hardware is in place, and systems will get more software capability with time.

12) Improvements to seat comfort/adjustability. Done. With the P85D announcement, upgraded "regular" seats as well as significantly upgraded optional seats were announced.

13) Battery swap pilot station in CA. Done. Noted by SamoSam in the forums and linked below while under construction. Official announcement of beta-test pilot program came in Dec 2014. As of February 2015, the site looks complete, but no details yet...

14)Expansion to China deliveries Done. As mentioned in the quarterly statement for Q4 2013, expansion to China will come soon, including solutions for apartment-dwelling owners to charge conveniently. As of Jan 2015 discussion at NAIAS, Elon says China sales not as high as expected, but they are working on it.

15)Right-hand drive Done

16) Ideas from Elon #1: EV environmental discussion. Elon stated (twitter, March 2014) that he is working on a blog to show the environmental benefits of EV's and disprove some of the nonsense that gets published to the contrary. Nothing has been released yet. See:

17) Ideas from Elon #2: Tesla Patents.Done. At the June 2014 shareholders meeting, Elon said he may soon make a controversial announcement regarding Tesla's IP/patents. Tesla has since released all of Tesla's EV patents to be used by other companies in good faith.

18) Robotic snake charging cables: Elon tweeted on Dec 31, 2014 indicaying that Tesla is working on automatic/robotic snake charging cables:

19) "Secret weapon" for demaind/against dealers: At the Feb 11 2015 / 4Q2014 conference call, Elon said he has a secret weapon to increase demand and fight the dealers, and it may debut this year. Perhaps this is related to the "invisible love" service from item (4) above?

20) Big announcement on batteries for home use: At the Feb 11 2015 / 4Q2014 conference call, it was announced that Tesla is working on a fairly major home-battery project. Announcement/details expected in March or April 2015, with production likely in summer 2015.

21) Next major software update: At the Feb 11 2015 / 4Q2014 conference call, it was announced that "next month" there would be an exciting software update to give enhanced features to the "entire fleet."

Any other concrete expectations coming "soon"?

Brian H | 17/01/2014

9) AFAIK, this has already occurred for recent cars.

EQC | 17/01/2014

Thanks for the info, Brian H. Do you by chance know what the solution was? Improved window tint? AC vents in the back? Stronger fans?

Grey Model S85 | 18/01/2014

Colour coordinating the seat belts and carpet should be a primary concern.

Benz | 18/01/2014


Number 4:

As far as I know, this was done last year (April 2013?), when the loaner cars were announced. Or have I missend something? Please let me know.

Brian H | 18/01/2014

both your suggestions, tinting and beefed-up circulation were implemented.

EQC | 19/01/2014


I can't find a news article about Elon's more recent statement, but a few months ago he stated that in the new year (ie: 2014) there would be another announcement that would change things significantly about automobile service.

Here is a link to another forum post about it:

Elsewhere, I have seen it speculated that part of the announcement will eliminate the "mileage" component of the annual service -- instead of the $600/year service being for 12,500 miles or 1 year, it will just be time-based.

EQC | 19/01/2014

Brian H: Thank you for the extra info.

Benz | 19/01/2014


That's very interesting.


EQC | 01/02/2014

Some of these future changes have been re-confirmed, according to this post on TMC by airj1012:

Point #4: big announcement to revolutionize service has been hinted at again,

"Hinted that the $600 maintenance cost is a little expensive when there is not much maintenance at all to do. (Dennis: if you looked at the 2014 jan investor presentation it says "the best service is free service" so perhaps they might drop this $600 annual service fee!! Keeping my hopes up here)"

Point #6: giving users full control over air suspension height appears to be a feature of the next Model S update:

"Auto lowering for air susp is back in v6 and fully adjustable , speeds, levels, etc"
"With V6, you'll be able to set the ride height manually -- almost 2 inches higher. Widened the band where you can set the ride height, approximately double what you can do now"

Point #7: 135 kW supercharging may be expected this year.

"improving core technology. First 90 kW, now 120 kW... later this year most stations 135 kW."

EQC | 01/02/2014

brianman on TMC provided a transcript of a Q/A session given in Oslo recently. Tons of info on things to expect in the next year or so:

negarholger | 02/02/2014

@EQC - I think you forgot the roadster... the owners have something to come in 201:4.

EQC | 02/02/2014

Kleist: I think that's the bullet #3 in the original post -- the "surprise" that will somehow relate to superchargers or new long distance travel options for Roadsters. Or is there something else that you've heard/seen hinted about too?

EQC | 02/02/2014

Just saw this in the regular forums, apparently a pilot station for Battery Swap will be coming soon too...added to the list above as well.

Brian H | 02/02/2014

201:4 = 2014?

EQC | 19/02/2014

made a few updates to the original post based on announcements at the Feb 19 quarterly report

EQC | 20/02/2014

Just discovered that the Tesla store now has a new sunshade for the rear windshield to (further) address heat in the back:

EQC | 12/03/2014

Item 8) update: no increased range on the 85 despite "satndard" LRR 19" tire upgrade. See:

Interestingly, for 2013, that site lists the 60 kWh MSRP at 69,900 (which is accurate for the base model) and the 85 kWh MSRP at $94,900, which implies several upgrades have been added -- maybe even the 21" tires, which would decrease range even more than the old/regular 19's.

I've always wondered why the efficiency of the 85 is rated at 7% less than the 60. The extra 200 lbs of battery (on a 4500 lb car) should not make that much difference. Perhaps the rating of the 85 was done with inefficient 21" tires while the 60 was rated with regular 19" tires...and now the 85 comes with (but isn't rated with) efficient 19" tires that should be better than what is on the 60. Not sure why they would rate things this way...

EQC | 12/03/2014

Item 10) update:

Gigafactory available details here:

Basic plan for the factory is in place (size, capacity, energy source, etc.), but as of now, Tesla is still deciding where to build the factory.

Partners have not yet been announced, but Tesla has raised 2 billion dollars to fund their share of the costs.

Plans show that construction will begin in 2014 and the factory will be outputting 500,000 battery packs per year by 2020.

EQC | 04/06/2014

Item (3) update:

In the June 2014 Tesla stockholder's meeting, Elon stated that "something cool" was coming for Roadsters by the end of the year. It is suspected that this is some sort of access to charging at supercharger sites.

EQC | 05/06/2014

Unsubstantiated rumor about swap station coming to Harris Ranch.

Brian H | 08/06/2014

?? There has been no June 2014 SH meeting yet. 2013?

EQC | 08/06/2014

BrianH: I'm referring to the event held on June 3, 2014:

main forum discussion here:

Brian H | 11/06/2014

Sorry, my system was down/being replaced for a few days, and that got by me entirely. Subsequently watched, of course.

EQC | 16/07/2014

July 2014 updates on Gen III and a possible battery/supercharging upgrade to the Roadster here:

EQC | 16/07/2014

Also, some possible hints about active safety features (blind spot monitoring):

EQC | 05/10/2014

"5) Gen III clay model expected to be shown in the summer of 2014, prototype January 2015. This was a statement Elon made in Germany back in October 2013."

Tesla Event announced for October 9, 2014: "The D and something else"

Could the "something else" be a slightly overdue clay model (or better?) of the Model III?

EQC | 15/01/2015

At NAIAS/Detroit Auto Show, Elon commented again on a revolution in service. Called the upcoming announcement "invisible love."

Other updates described in the OP.

EQC | 15/01/2015

**"Invisible Love" relates to the revolution in Tesla Service described in #4 of the OP.

Brian H | 16/01/2015

Personalized OTA tweaks?

nine_thermidor | 16/01/2015

Not sure if you are adding new things, or if this is just about updating the original list. But what about our new robot snake charging overlords?

EQC | 17/01/2015

Ah, yes, more than happy to add new things. Robot snake charging added to the list for tracking!

Gen3Joe | 17/01/2015

5) Elon recently stated in answering an owner's question that the Model 3 reveal would be pushed to 2015.

Gen3Joe | 17/01/2015

I mean 2016

EQC | 17/01/2015

Ge3Joe: thanks, noted now in the OP.

EQC | 13/02/2015

I suspect that #19 -- "secret weapon" (for increasing demand and fighting dealers) may be related to #4 -- "invisible love" service.

Supposedly, dealers make most of their profits on service. EVs are expected to need less servicing over their lifetime. If Tesla can make service super cheap, super convenient, super honest, and stress-free, I could see this as both increasing demand and striking at dealers a bit.

EQC | 13/02/2015

Roadster long distance road trip blog is up: 340 miles (with 20 miles of range left) in under 6 hours traveling at "about the speed limit." San Jose to Santa Monica.