Cost for the Model X?

Cost for the Model X?

How much will the vehicle cost base model?

AlMc | 01/09/2013

It was stated it will cost roughly the same as an equivalently equipped model S.

Brian H | 01/09/2013

More recent estimates are 10% higher than the S. That counts as "approximately" the same, I guess.

dherman76 | 02/09/2013

I was at the dealership this morning putting in a reservation for the Model X and the manager told me that while he's purely guessing, he's think it'll start around $70-80k. He mentioned they want to compete with the Porsche Cayenne.

ian | 02/09/2013

Dealership? Where? I wasn't aware Tesla had any dealerships. ;-)

AlMc | 03/09/2013

goneskian: Dealership in Texas! :) Not

hnrk | 03/09/2013

They do have a dealership in Norway, I thought the whole no-dealership-thing with Tesla was that they wanted their -own- dealerships, and not some third party selling Teslas

EdieMilo | 03/09/2013

They technically are not 'dealerships' but galleries or show rooms.
People are just not used to the new terminology and 'dealership' comes out due to force of habit :-)

Brian H | 03/09/2013

Non-dealership? Dealerlessship? Un-dealership? ;)

hnrk | 04/09/2013

If I want to buy a Ford, I start out by looking at the car online, I then go to the Ford dealership, look at one of the cars they have on display, go for a test-drive etc. Then I sit down with a representative for the dealership to write down the details of the car, negotiate the price etc. I then wait for the car to arrive, which is then delivered to the dealership where I can pick it up.

If I want to buy a Tesla, I go online and look at reviews, pictures etc. I can then go and look at it at the deale^C showroom, talk to a representative for Tesla, configure it and wait for it to arrive. It will then be delivered to the showroom, where I can pick it up.

The only difference I can see, is that I can reserve one online *without* looking at it. How different is this from a dealership? Honestly?

Brian H | 04/09/2013

You're glossing over the differences. That "negotiating" step, to start. He's trying to load on as much high margin fluff as possible, and often engaging in deception to do so. The salesman's livelihood depends on soaking you as much as possible. Then, the dealership's profits depend on servicing your vehicle as often and expensively as possible (since about 2007, almost all dealer profits come from service).

TM sales people are salaried, and the service is run as a break-even 'non-profit center'. BIG difference. Try it if you don't believe me.

hnrk | 04/09/2013

True that. However, with a normal car, I don't *have* to go to the same dealership to have my car serviced. And I do get to negotiate the price.

That being said, the break-even philosophy for the service was new to me and a definite plus! Also, I don't think Tesla will have to work very hard regarding extras. I pretty much want 'all' ;)

Brian H | 04/09/2013

With just 20K cars on the road, few know it well enough to service it. Such skill will grow and spread with time. Patience, grasshopper.

sergiyz | 07/09/2013

Porsche Cayenne is a great competitor, everything is extra.
Take Cayenne S:
Base price is about $66,000
If you add basic options available on pretty much any SUV in that class, you'll get into $90,000 territory easily.
Just added Navigation, Xenon headlights, decent seats with heating and cooling and BT, the price of options was $21,000 (!).
That still goes from 0-60 in about 5.6s.
If you take Cayenne Turbo S, that's in the $140,000 range *base*.
So, yes, it would be easy for Tesla to compete with that, and beat it too.
The carpool sticker alone is worth it, can't get that with Cayenne ;)

timdj | 10/09/2013

it is incredible! I want one like that! this is the future! )

tes-s | 12/09/2013

Difference between a Ford dealership and a Tesla showroom is ownership.

You cannot buy a Ford from Ford. You have to buy a new Ford from a Ford dealer, which is not owned by Ford. You have to buy a new Tesla from Tesla. You cannot buy it from a dealer not owned by Tesla, because there are not any.

Other than that, I don't think there is any difference.

SUN 2 DRV | 19/09/2013

Huge difference between a Dealership and a Showroom.

You buy a Tesla directly from Tesla.

With a dealership model, the dealer buys from the manufacturer and then they sell the car to you with whatever price, terms etc they can negotiate with you. Your price may be better or worse than the next guy that buys an identical car. Promises made by the dealer carry no obligation from the car manufacturer.

"Deal" in dealership has the same meaning as in "Let's make a deal". :-) You've entered a gambling casino but just don't know it.

ian | 19/09/2013

Great description joehuber. Well said.

Nubo | 17/12/2013

"Difference between a Ford dealership and a Tesla showroom is ownership.

You cannot buy a Ford from Ford. You have to buy a new Ford from a Ford dealer, which is not owned by Ford."

That wonderful moment when the car's defect goes unaddressed because the dealer claims Ford has tied their hands. And Ford claims they can't tell the dealer what to do. Such is the "value" that dealerships add to the car-buying world.

Gelf007 | 27/02/2014

Old post, though it appears one of the biggest differences has been missed. If I go to a Ford dealership, or any other dealership for that matter, I have the opportunity to test drive the vehicle! This is rather significant, at least to me.

Is there anywhere to test drive a Tesla? Thanks.

NumberOne | 27/02/2014

Usually most galleries offer test drives. There are also special test drive events all over the country. Click on events on the main menu for more info on that.

Brian H | 27/02/2014

Not for the MX yet tho', because there's only one.