custom audio

custom audio

are there any special requirements to adding a subwoofer?

Vawlkus | 13/01/2011

There is no car to mount it in, yet so there can be no answer to this question.

Timo | 13/01/2011

I was thinking about either hearing aid or hearing protector depending how much noise object had already suffered.

Brian H | 16/01/2011

Direct mount to the top of the skull gets the best results.

BladeRunnings | 24/01/2011

Ha ha! Great answers! =) I for one wouldn't be opposed to changing out the speakers though if they are anything like the "paper" ones that come in most cars. I think the only major stumbling block you'll hit with installing a subwoofer in a Roadster will be space requirements. The Roadster is a tiny car just like most (if not all) other super cars.

acskatematic | 26/01/2011

can someone at least post the trunk dimensions for the roadster 2.5 please?
i heard on the internet that there was a custom one that required a separate battery.
i like alpine, but i want to put some shallow 10inches in the back, probably some hi end tweeters and mids in the front, an amp, a capacitator if necessary.

Nvbob | 26/01/2011

10 inches deep (without the soft top depression) x 14 inches x 55 inches. The depth with the soft top depression is 14 inches.

juddsher | 03/04/2011

Does anyone know the best place to run a cable/wire from under the hood into the cabin (this is for a radar detector)?

Augkuo | 15/04/2013

I have a JL audio 8" sub in my passenger's footwell. The amp for it is also from JL audio, a very efficient 300 W amp - it runs off the main battery not the aux battery so there's no additional battery that it uses. The only issue is that now there is less foot room for a passenger ;(