Dear Tesla, How can we help you get the Supercharging network going?

Dear Tesla, How can we help you get the Supercharging network going?

Dear Tesla,

I want to help. I think we all want to proactively do what we can. From what I can gather, it sounds like it's not the cost of the Superchargers, but the "nailing down" of locations that is getting in the way. This would be a perfect activity for us. In order to help you do that, I/we need to know certain things. I, for example, can track down and contact land owners where chargers would be ideally located in an area with which I am familiar, but I don't know how to present the information from there. I don't know who to contact at Tesla if I get confirmation that the land owner is interested.

We (current and future Tesla owners) already live throughout the country/world and can be your ambassadors, but we just need to know how best to go about it. Who covers what costs? What is the land owner legally responsible for? Does Tesla trench electricity to the location and then pay for used electricity or does that fall to the land owner? If Tesla covers all of this, it would seem to be an easy sell, as it would bring in customers that otherwise would not have any reason to divert their trip to the business location. Please advise. We are waiting and willing! Barb

dstiavnicky | 18/02/2013

How about we start by having all MS owners list their address on plug share?

bsimoes | 18/02/2013

@dstiavnicky--I'm not really comfortable with that solution; Tesla has said that the cost of installing Superchargers is minimal. It seems to me they just need help finding locations. It would take a lot of legwork on their part to do it. We number in the thousands. If we each made a few connections with mall owners or Park and Ride owners or even city gov't. reps, we could really cover a lot of ground--literally.

Carefree | 18/02/2013

The issue for Tesla is not so much in finding the right location as it is getting the necessary permits to build the super chargers - that's really what is holding up progress right now. I would not be surprised if we saw a bunch of super chargers coming online all at the same time because they finally came through with the approvals.

Robert22 | 18/02/2013

I can't imagine that would be e problem given the president's clear agenda. Call Washington and let them use their big scissors.