Duh Tesla Marketing

Duh Tesla Marketing

Just got this email from Tesla and it's like rubing salt on my wound.

The state of California currently provides a $2,500 rebate to those who purchase or lease a new Tesla. The program is being updated in early 2016, with the level of rebate changing depending on your personal/household income. This means not all customers will be eligible for the $2,500 rebate when the new rules go into effect.

To receive the current rebate, you will need to take delivery of your Tesla before the changes are implemented. Given the lead time to custom manufacture your vehicle, we suggest placing your order as soon as possible. You can order through our Design Studio or from your local store.

Well if I could take delivery of the model x that I ordered 2 years ago, I would've done so and this wouldn't be a problem, right?

Feels like Tesla should reimburse everyone who missed the cut off but who am I kidding. :/

dbh | 22/10/2015

^ Totally, was going to post the same thing. Pretty ridiculous.

dbh | 22/10/2015

Maybe they bump the CA residents with X reservations to the front of the queue after that? Could hope...

Tâm | 22/10/2015

The e-mail got the date wrong.

The change started already on 7/1/2015 or 4 months ago.

There is no reason to buy now to beat non-existing deadline of 12/31/2015 for this California Rebate.

Anyway, it's tough to board a time machine prior to that date to buy a Model X!

jordanrichard | 22/10/2015

Because your state government changed the rules id stream, Tesla should reimburse you.....?

dbh | 22/10/2015

@jordanrichard, of course not. Nobody mentioned reimbursement. It's just a fairly dumb marketing move to email all model X reservation holders and say "I advise you to hurry up and buy your car!" when you've been trying to do that for 1 to 2 years already. Unless they are willing to accommodate you and let you actually buy it now? Otherwise, why send the email?

ian | 22/10/2015

You're whining about $2500? Really?

Us up here in Washington missed out on a sales tax exemption. Know what our slaes tax is here in the Seattle area is? Nearly 10%!

We don't get to cruise in the carpool lanes either!

In other words, HTFU and quicherbichen! ;-)


kittylitter | 22/10/2015

I'm in Washington state, also. Missing out on not paying the sales tax on a $140G car is.....OUCH!!

bak_phy | 23/10/2015

Differential costs is the first step towards black markets. You'd now be better off buying it "used" from your poor nephew who borrowed the money from you.

Perhaps California will eventually set prices for everything depending on income. Everyone would still get to be angry at people richer than themselves but not have them actually live any better.

Mark35 | 23/10/2015

@bak_phy. California does not set prices on anything except for the services that the state agencies provide.

This is a rebate to encourage adoption of energy efficient motor vehicles. It also has had a number-of-vehicles-per-manufacturer limit ever since it was offered. The inventive rebate for a Prius disappeared a long time ago for example.

The rebate for Teslas will likewise eventually vanish.

bak_phy | 23/10/2015

@Mark I never said they currently did in . Just that this is a first step.
Regardless, the effect of the income adjustment is that some people pay different prices for Tesla's than others. Nothing the government them from applying that logic to pretty much anything else. Some people will pay high sales taxes while others will have theirs subsidized. Some people will pay high property taxes while others don't (wait that one already exists in spades in California.)

Regardless of what one might think of the fairness of it, it not only makes transactions less efficient and therefore increases costs, it also increase the opportunities for corruption as in my example above.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23/10/2015

@Mar35 and bak_phy, Bernie will fix that. Everything will be free and provided by the Giverment. Can't wait.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23/10/2015

@DarthB, I think the email was a subtle way to say, be happy, buy an S today.......I can save you another thousand on that S........

bak_phy | 23/10/2015

@Roamer It's gonna be awesome!!!!!!!! I hope I get a model X!!!

dbh | 23/10/2015

Ouch - on the the sales tax in WA! Did Tesla also send you an email saying you too should hurry up and buy your model X?

ian | 23/10/2015

No. They tried to get us to buy S's as they knew the X would not be available. The sales tax exemption ended June 30th. Check that. It was renewed but with a cap of $35k. State legislature thought it bad form to incentivize EV's with any kind of real world range apparently. :rolleyes:

deeageux | 24/10/2015

This is a rebate to encourage adoption of energy efficient motor vehicles. It also has had a number-of-vehicles-per-manufacturer limit ever since it was offered. The inventive rebate for a Prius disappeared a long time ago for example.

The rebate for Teslas will likewise eventually vanish.

Not so. There is no limit on manufacturers. Prius is not a manufacturer. Toyota makes the Prius and you can still get a partial rebate on the Plug-in Prius based on battery pack size but not the standard Prius because the rebate for non plug-in hybrids ended long ago. You can also get a CA rebate on the Toyota Mirai FCEV. And if Toyota cared to market a BEV it would also qualify.

The government that puts a limit on manufacturers is the Feds. 200k limit per manufacturer for full $7500 tax credit. Then reduced 50% for the calendar quarter after 200k threshold was met. Then 25% of the credit for the following quarter. Then it ends for that particular manufacturer.

carlk | 24/10/2015

@ian That's a good point. They've always been doing that.

Farmer Dave | 24/10/2015


+1 Always nice to see facts rather than rants.

Mark35 | 24/10/2015

Thanks for corrections. I normally only read/reply to the forum in the hour I have while walking my dog. Hard to check facts and compose a posting using just my smartphone and one hand, while holding the leash with the other hand.
Mark | 24/10/2015

Pay CA income tax, plead poverty, get $2500 break when you buy a Model X, if you could buy a model X.