Elon Confirm's Sunshade for the Model X

Elon Confirm's Sunshade for the Model X

Elon's reply to my tweet says it all:

Farmer Dave | 28/10/2015

What is meant by "a sunshade"?

Is it:

a) A windshield shade for when the car is parked to reduce heat gain

b) An auxiliary sun visor for the overhead portion

c) Something else?

madodel | 28/10/2015
KMTG | 28/10/2015

Should have also asked about the skylights on the falcon wing doors.

Roamer@AZ USA | 28/10/2015

I think he is referring to the visors.

KMTG | 29/10/2015

No, he posted a follow up Tweet and confirmed that it would be a sunshade similar to what it is available on the S for the pano roof

TonyInNH | 29/10/2015

To Tesla,

How about instead of tweets from the CEO you just throw up a complete set of specs and prices on your website?

jjs | 29/10/2015

+1 TonyInNH

Ankit Mishra | 29/10/2015

They have given the specs to people who are going to receive their cars soon. You will get communicated when they are ready to make your car. And I like tweets of Elon.

TonyInNH | 29/10/2015

Am I missing something? Shouldn't specs be pretty much set in stone by now? Are they now considered a bonus for buying a Tesla?

Roamer@AZ USA | 29/10/2015

@TonyInNH, you are cracking me up. At Tesla specs are never set in stone.

At GM they design a car. Call it a model year and then stop and just build the exact same thing over and over a million times.

At Tesla they release a 40,60,85 then a P then a P+, drop the 40, make the 60 a 70, add a D, make a P85D then an 85D then a P90D then a 90D and that's just the bigger changes. Next gen seats, center consoles kinda, bigger visors and and sensors out of the blue. Reversed turn signal cruise levers..

Anyway you get my point. By the time second or third qtr 2016 orders get built I can only guess what will be available to order.

TonyInNH | 29/10/2015

You're not exactly inspiring confidence with constantly changing specs.

If the reason specs aren't out yet for all to see is that Tesla might be changing stuff then they are a lot further behind than they are leading everyone to believe.

SamO | 29/10/2015


They are ALWAYS changing specs.

And they are ALWAYS further behind than "soon".

Roamer@AZ USA | 29/10/2015

They are not spec changes they are constantly improving choices and options. After you lock in and buy one your biggest frustration will be that the next one built is even better. But then you liked what you ordered so it doesn't matter in the end.

Tâm | 29/10/2015


I am fine with evolving specs/features/pricings.

For example, 7-seat configuration was the only option available on the website for Signatures when there was a discussion about the rumor of non-foldable second row seats.

Then a week later, the website showed that you now had 2 options: 6 or 7 seat configurations.

It's easy to update them on website in real time so that should not be problem.

I agree that current information needs to be easily accessible.

Roamer@AZ USA | 29/10/2015

The legacy car builders can't innovate or change. If they did dealers would constantly be stuck with out of date inventory cars that they can't sell.

Since Tesla builds to an order they can implement improvements instantly without obsoleting inventory sitting all over the world on dealer lots.

It's just a different world. So when they are ready to build your car you can know what you are buying is the latest version as of that moment.

carlk | 29/10/2015

@Roamer +1. And in the process they have, for example, increased power of the top model by more than 300hp. Porsche would give you an extra 20 or so hp every few years and people are happy because they can keep the same specs for many years?

TonyInNH | 29/10/2015

All I can say is "wow" at all the fanboys.

When did it become over the top to expect specs on a vehicle that has already gone to market???

pvetesla | 29/10/2015

Not REALLY "to market". Only Founders have the cars....6 total I believe and that includes Elon.

TonyInNH | 29/10/2015

Good grief!!! | 29/10/2015

Tesla customer communications = oxymoron.

One product planning area that Tesla gets low grades for IMO is not planning the upgrades into cars from the start. That way, it would be more practical to retrofit older cars with newer hardware features like the autopilot sensor suite, thus reducing the disenfranchisement of early adopters.

I agree with @Tony that it would be nice to have a Model X page that resembles the Model S page. At least we would have some idea of our choices while awaiting the call to configure.

Ankit Mishra | 29/10/2015

I disagree with @TonyInNH and others posting above. If you have low expectations about the features in the car please dont expect Tesla to sell themselves short. They need to change the perception of EV in eyes of common people and a car exactly same as S which has been in market for 3 years wouldn't have been an enchanting product in my opinion. EV have a lot of disadvantages and an average consumer needs a leap of faith in order to switch to them. Tesla recognises that and is trying to bridge that doubt gap with attracting people by great innovations in its cars.

Red Sage ca us | 30/10/2015

Roamer, SamO, & Ankit Mishra: +42! Tesla Motors only asks that you wait for the car you ordered. They will not wait to improve their cars, or their options, any longer than possible, let alone necessary.

President georgehawley: The reason I disagree with TonyInNH is that even the Model S order page has changed a lot over the past two or three years. It has changed a lot in the past year alone. Options packages, available options, and offered accessories are changing all the time, both in the Design Studio and in the online Tesla Store.

Certain things that were not available at all in 2012 are standard on all cars built today. Some components that were optional in early 2013 are now standard on all cars built today. I expect a similar iteration to take place with Model X. So, those built in 2017, or 2018, will have a much different set of options and accessories than today.

I believe that Tesla Motors has communicated rather effectively that they are not going to stop making changes. Everything they do offer as an option is under internal scrutiny. So, if its individual take rate drops below 5% for an extended period, it goes away. Further, they have learned that announcing the eventual availability of an option, such as a center console or CHAdeMO adapter, just sets them up for ridicule, even among their most devout supporters.

Communicating the full array of what they plan to offer on Model X will only allow for a cavalcade of Naysayer comments from those who already believe Tesla Motors and Elon Musk are all liars if they do not materialize. | 30/10/2015 "One product planning area that Tesla gets low grades for IMO is not planning the upgrades into cars from the start."

So would you recommend that Tesla not ship any cars until Auto-pilot hardware was ready? They would be out of business by now. Waiting until every possible new hardware feature is retrofitable means no cars would ever be shipped or no new features would ever be made available. Both are very bad choices, but choices other car makers often make.

The fact that Tesla even offers some retrofits (i.e. LTE) is truly amazing. No other car company does this. You have to buy next years model to get any new features. | 30/10/2015

I forgot to say, the cars at the release show last month had new sunshades still sealed in a bag in the trunk. At least these are not holding up production!

aesculus | 30/10/2015 I don't think George is asking for the car to be fully capable, but where issues are known, do some planning and pre treating.

For example if the networking standard was 100 mbs and you had the option of paying a bit more for wire that could do 1 gps, why not do that? The real cost is not the wire but the installation, possible disruption of living space and maybe even extra work involving altering walls etc. Then later when you upgrade your networking equipment the wires are all ready for you. Heck if I was pulling cable today, I would probably pull fiber at the same time.

So in Georges case if you look at the requirements for just announced AP components from your selected vendor and they require 3 pairs of wires where you only use one pair today, why not supply the car with 3 pairs and leave the other 2 dead in the chassis. You will then have the option of upgrading the car later, perhaps for a fee. Without this type of planning you have forced the car into obsolescence, just like other car companies do.

There are other examples too such as the replacement of cameras for the mirrors.

Roamer@AZ USA | 31/10/2015

@Tony, I will agree that basic car specs could be and probably should be out by now. It is interesting that something as basic as the onboard charge system is now subject to conjecture. How do you install a home charger, before delivery, if you have no info on what you will need to charge the car.

So yes we do cut Tesla a lot of slack as a scrappy little car company inventing the future on the fly. Even with all the early adopter frustrations I still really like the products.

Just finished putting two thousand miles on my P85D and was able to feel the auto pilot improve everyday. Pretty stunning to have an interactive self improving system.

I absolutely love the auto pilot and it seems to just keep getting better.

Roamer@AZ USA | 31/10/2015

@aesculus, Future proofing seems easy until you actually try to do it.

How do you design and install wiring for things that don't exist ? Not as simple as just use better wire.

After a collision I decided to add park distance sensors to a older car with no sensors. Then as long as we were doing it why not folding mirrors also. They pretty much had to disassemble the entire car to add all the wiring and control boxes. It worked. Was very costly. Would have been smarter to trade in and buy new. But then we are still running that car and my wife likes the car, the sensors and the mirrors that fold. Having done those fairly small changes I would never attempt the auto Pilot changes.

Besides the used car market needs used Tesla's.

aesculus | 31/10/2015

@Roamer@AZ USA: You noticed I mentioned they needed to look at their suppliers products and roadmap for three years out for example. I never stated they need or should guess at what might come in the future.

There is a big lag in what partners like MobileEye produce and when it gets to cars. All it takes is to better coordinate with your suppliers product roadmap. Not rocket science in this case. :-)

Now the used market statement might be true. In fact I read the other day that there are more older cars on the road than ever before. There is a huge industry in repair and resale that is getting bigger by the day. While new car sales are strong, keeping old iron relevant is even stronger. I for example have a car with well over 200k miles and don't feel I need to replace it any time soon. 30 years ago when a car got to 100k miles nobody would even think of getting in it for any trip longer than around the block or to the wrecking yard.

ian | 01/11/2015

Red, SamO, Ankit, carlk, etc.,

We (TonyinNH, dortor, myself, and many other X reservation holders) are not asking for a set in stone list of available stuff on the X for the next 5 years. Heck, we're not even asking for what will be offered for the next 6 months. All we want is what is coming on the X NOW for current reservation holders. OK, and maybe for a few months anyway since some of us won't get to order for a couple months.

You can all quit with the lectures regarding the "mission of Tesla motors". We've all read it and know it well. Most of us even believe in it and want to support it by more than just arguing with others on the internet. Yes, that was another jibe at those here who just flap their fingers rather than their wallets. ;-)


Roamer@AZ USA | 01/11/2015

@ian, I am probably as irritated at the delays and lack of information as anyone.

Let me add this thought. I knew when I ordered the Sig cars it would be what ever Tesla decided it would be and I better be ready to like the package. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many choices I was given. The choices were better than the Model S Sigs had.

But I also knew that within a few months things would pop up for regular orders that I missed out on. Different wheels or interior colors or maybe folding seats. Probably not different doors but then who knows what Tesla has planned.

So the Sig penalty is less choice, early production bugs and missing out as other options get finalized. Maybe the long delay was the only reason Sigs got as many choices as they ended up with. I really prefer the light gray seats and interior. I am pretty sure that will replace white in the production cars.

I expect the production car order screen to be up before the end of November and the choices to be much more than the Sigs were given. I have another reservation in the 6xxx range just in case something comes out I really like but couldn't get on a Sig order.

Red Sage ca us | 05/11/2015

ian t: Cool.

Roamer: Super Cool.