Elon looking for engineers to help develop autopilot

Elon looking for engineers to help develop autopilot

"Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email Team will report directly to me." ElonMusk

JHM | 19/09/2013

Tesla has a great platform for this technology since so much of their vehicles are already computer controlled. The first phase then could focus on installing all the needed sensor for an autonomous vehicle plus a few nice functions like parallel parking. Once the hardware is in place new functionality can be added as programmers develop it. So a customer can buy into this car with the confidence that as Tesla or even third party vendors develop new functions and apps, they will be able to update their ride. With all the hardware in place, this could be the first fully programmable car.

risingsun | 19/09/2013

You could have different automated driving styles. Aggressive mode, touring mode, road rage mode, making love in the backseat mode, etc...

olanmills | 26/09/2013

Aggressive mode does not sound like a good idea from a liability standpoint... maybe they could call it "sport"

Haha, I'd be interested in working on autonomous driving (though other then generic programming and analysis experience, I don't have the background for it), but I wouldn't be interested in working directly for Elon Musk, lol. I have a fairly evenly paced life going on right now lol, not sure I would want to trade that for the reputation/fame of working on this (not that I would be best qualified anyway).