The Elon Musk / Tesla Motors quiz

The Elon Musk / Tesla Motors quiz

Brian H | 06/09/2013

Dang. Only 95%. Missed #15.

Timo | 06/09/2013

I missed three. Had no idea what Palin had said (was actually surprised that she did know what Tesla is), but guessed Musk reply, remembered battery swap speed wrong and New York Times review -question I didn't remember which one of the two possibilities it was.

Brian H | 06/09/2013

You're average (85%). ;)

hfpjrw | 06/09/2013

I got 90%, missed 2. Ok score for someone with Tesla Derangement Syndrome.

ian | 06/09/2013

Hmmm, it must not have liked that I took the test on my iPhone as it only recorded one question. I'll have to try again. ;-)

evanstumpges | 07/09/2013

I tried it on my iPhone as well and the results page didn't work right. I missed 2-3 questions including the Sarah Palin one. Was a fun activity.

TI Sailor | 07/09/2013

I raised the average with 20/20. Obviously a great big red flag I need to get out more... :)

shs | 07/09/2013

The only one I missed was the cost of the most expensive version since I have never been tempted by that end of things. I thought the survey was both informative and very humorous. I LOL several times taking it.

JPPTM | 07/09/2013

...OK so I missed one... What is my prize?

Tugvow | 07/09/2013

Same as shs, haven't had a look at all the bells and whistles and there was less than $5,000 between them

Pungoteague_Dave | 07/09/2013

100% but had to fudge, as the battery can't really be swapped in 90 seconds and never will - but I answered the "right" test answer, not the real answer. ;-)

Timo | 07/09/2013

Why couldn't it be swapped in 90 seconds? They did that in demo twice including time to drive into spot for swap.

alcassfast | 08/09/2013

I got the Sara Palin question wrong because I don't watch the news.

alcassfast | 08/09/2013

I got the Sara Palin question wrong because I don't watch the news.

holidayday | 08/09/2013

Way too many gimme's in this quiz.

That said, I got 90% (missed two). Top price / Sarah Palin questions like others here.