Elon Musk will be interviewed at the D11 (All Things Digital conference) on wednesday May 29th 2013. Can we see it via internet?

Elon Musk will be interviewed at the D11 (All Things Digital conference) on wednesday May 29th 2013. Can we see it via internet?

Here is a link to an article about the D11:

If it is possible to watch this interview via internet, please share a link via this thread so that we all can see it.


Brian H | 28/05/2013


Benz | 29/05/2013

The interview with Tim Cook (on May 28th 2013) can be watched on and here is the link for that interview:

I really hope that they do the same with the interview with Elon Musk. If we cannot see it live, then it still would be pretty nice to be able to watch a video of the interview, even if that would be the next day. I am already looking forward to it.

Benz | 29/05/2013

I expect more firework to arise from the interview with Elon Musk. Because Tim Cook just seemed to be have come there thinking that he should tell as little as possible. That is really bad for Apple.

And Elon Musk is just so different in his appearance and in his way of communication. Therefore I think that Elon Musk will give us a (little) glimpse of the future (Hyperloop, Superchargers, etc).

carlgo | 29/05/2013

After Jobs, Cook appears to be just the guy to sort of calm things down and regroup. I worked for a long time under a Jobsvian owner with a similar psychopathic illness. It takes about two years to recover from that, for the reverberations to die down. Wow, what a trip!

Whether Cook can then spur Apple on to new heights is not certain.

Any Musk interview is going to be a lot more interesting than a Cook version, that's for sure, although Musk's enthusiasm may sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations.

Didn't Musk say that the Hyperloop would only cost 6 billion? That is couch change for Apple, so...

Benz | 30/05/2013

Here is the link with the full video of the interview:

carlgo | 30/05/2013

Musk commands an audience like no other. People hang on every word of his sort of charming random delivery and dissect and nuance everything he says. And doesn't say, which is equally important.

And there is always a tease about subjects he will address the next time, and people can't wait...

Jobs was good at making the announcement of an iToy seem important to the world, and Musk is able to make people comfortable with technology and products that actually are important.

Benz | 30/05/2013

@ carlgo


Well said.


reitmanr | 30/05/2013

How do we hear his interview this morning? Is there a phone number or net link?

Benz | 30/05/2013