Finally got my PA license plate

Finally got my PA license plate

Getting pulled over for not having a plate by police that couldn't see the little piece of paper in the back window was getting kind of old. The last time I was stopped it was by a State Trooper who was all business. He told me in a lecturing tone that you can't drive a car on PA highways without a license plate. He was more thorough than the local police were when they stopped me. When I mention that there is a 90 day temporary registration in the rear window, every cop has said "I can't see it" which seems to insinuate I have done something wrong. I did partially unfold it and place it where it would be more visible, but the police always ask questions first and bother to look later. As always, I offered to open the lift gate so he could inspect the folded paper. He was the first to take me up on the offer. This guy removed it from the window and took my paperwork back to his cruiser for about 5 minutes. He returned with a slightly less officious attitude and sent me on way, though his parting shot was to tell me to get me car inspected. That's pretty hard to do without plates, title or registration, but he apparently learned that you can indeed drive in PA without a plate, as long as you have the 90 day temp paper, driver's license, and proof of insurance. Why are police generally not aware of this area of the motor vehicle code

Though I doubt they are required, I also carried and provided the trooper a copy of the bill of sale and a copy of the COA from Tesla. The latter had a problem which prevented my getting the plate on my first attempt in March. PA requires that it be notarized by the manufacturer/seller, which my original was not. I've been extremely busy the past month so I put this off, but my 90 days was running out so I called Tesla about a week ago. The said they would send a new one with a return Fed Ex envelope to send the original back to Tesla. Before I left work at 8 last evening I called back to report I hadn't received it, but I hadn't been home yet. They looked it up and told me it had been delivered at 9:48 a.m. that very day. This morning I went to a local PA tag place, paid my sales tax (ouch), as well as the requisite fees and left 15 minutes later with my tag. I'm so happy to have it. I think it looks great on my Model S. Now I don't have to drive with the level of restraint I have been since a car without plates is conspicuous to police. The car itself of course blends right in and never gets and unwanted attention ;-)

Tesla could have notarized the original COA and delivered the replacement a little faster, but all in all, they did a pretty good job. The calls were short and helpful, the job got done on time, so the experience was positive. They have to be on top of the rules of a lot of jurisdictions around the world so I'm willing to cut them some slack on this detail.

Drive safe everybody. The hassles were fairly minor, but they made getting a license plate feel really good. Never got much excitement from getting tags before. Everything is better in a Tesla.