Flamed by mclary

Flamed by mclary

Hi all. I'd like some opinions here. I don't post much on this forum, but I posted this comment to a topic about the second supercharger recently opened in Truckee Ca.:

Tessnme | NOVEMBER 20, 2015
I think the three mile distance between the two Truckee superchargers must be a national record. I assume the businesses near the second supercharger must have wanted it to attract customers and paid for the installation.

And I got this response from this mclary:

mclary | NOVEMBER 23, 2015
Tessnme: What are you basing your claim on? Did you go and interview a few business owners?


There are too many obvious reasons so hopefully you can figure them out?

Good luck!!!

So my questions are:

1) Was there something offensive about my post?
2) Did I violate some forum rule?
3) Are unsubstantiated opinions not allowed?
4) Or is mclary just a know scumbag on this forum?

Rocky_H | 03/12/2015

@Tessnme, Heh, you are fine. McClary is a bit of a weirdo who does that to everyone on almost every post for no good reason. Many new people are disturbed by it when they first get hit by McClary, but once you see that he just says "idiot" about everything, you realize it doesn't mean anything.

(1) No, your post was fine.
(2) No. I can think of a few things that might irritate some people, but that was nothing close.
(3) Nah, throw out all of the unsubstantiated opinions you want. But also be prepared for having a bit of thick skin for some disagreement, too.
(4) Yep. He's been around a really long time. He is a Model S owner. We don't really know why he does that, but by now, it's almost like an initiation rite or a badge of honor the first time you get McClary'ed.

Rocky_H | 03/12/2015

Oh, regarding #2, if you are going to bring up a complaint or problem or defect with the car, please don't say, "I paid $$$$$$ for this car, so it should not ___________."

Cars can have problems, and its being expensive doesn't mean every single one is always going to be perfect. People sometimes pay $2 million for a new house, too, but they'll probably find a couple broken things in the first month that need to be taken care of.

Bluesday Afternoon | 03/12/2015

@ Tessnme

Welcome to the Forum. Rock_H's comments are right on. The following thread is just one of many concerning the mysterious mclary. Sometimes late he strikes and Idiotize 10+ threads. I still remember his Friday the 13th adventure in the Forum.

So now, take a look at Pluto is a Planet's Save mclary!! thread (a great name for a Forum member):

Larry@SoCal | 03/12/2015

OP, your post was perfectly OK.
The person you ask about is an embarrassment and detracts from the Tesla forum.

Bob.Calvo | 03/12/2015

Or you can just flag him like many people who don't appreciate his "humor" do.

Red Sage ca us | 04/12/2015

Yeah. What Rocky_H said, and stuff. Welcome!

vperl | 04/12/2015

Only chickens ( refrain from anther word) flag posts.

These forums can be blunt, improper, or hilarious, bitter.

Get over it, move forward post your posts.

The real world of internet posting is a battle ground,

Timo | 04/12/2015

Flagging gets rid of spam. I flag posts pretty regularly, so am I a chicken? If a real forum member posts a post that is completely irrelevant and/or insulting without any relevant content then I find that flagging it is not only proper, but duty for members of the community. It keeps forum clean from real idiots.

Grinnin'.VA | 04/12/2015

@ Larry@SoCal | December 3, 2015

\\ OP, your post was perfectly OK.
\\ The person you ask about is an embarrassment and detracts from the Tesla forum. //

^^ Amen!

teslcls | 04/12/2015

vperl - not a battleground, just entertainment
those who don't like the show change the channel
flags just give passersby a clue that others recognize bad taste

tessnme - did anyone ever indicate a problem at the original Truckee SC?

vperl | 05/12/2015

A battleground of entertainment and a exercise in not being a snitch.

Snitches seek justification, and righteousness, the arbitrator of their own world.

SamO | 05/12/2015

Snitches get stitches

Vperl gets a clue

vperl | 05/12/2015

Little snitch babies crying they had their feelings hurt.

Move on snitch babies, cry elsewhere .

Ankit Mishra | 06/12/2015

"The real world of internet posting is a battle ground"
Well said.

vperl | 06/12/2015

Get over McSnary.

Harmless voice....

Probably a 13 year old girl living in mommies basement till she is 45

vperl | 08/12/2015



Tiebreaker | 08/12/2015

mclary is often right in targeting nonsense. Like the conspiracy theory that a business paid for a supercharger.

Timo | 09/12/2015

Odd that I don't recall mclary at all. Is he active on other areas, but not here?

Captain_Zap | 09/12/2015

mcclary is a long time forum member that bought a couple Teslas. You will find him in the Model S forum on occasion.
His "Idiot. Flagged!" routine evolved over years.
Think George Carlin or Lewis Black when you see his posts.

Rocky_H | 09/12/2015

@Timo, Many times you don't see McClary's posts, because they are usually flagged and disappear within several minutes.

ronjolley | 09/12/2015

I've seen him/her over on the Model X Forum.

Still trying to get his/her email. Then I can get his review before I post a post. :-)

EcLectric | 14/12/2015

Ah.... the mysterious McClary.

Some sez they seen 'im over in the Model X forum. I seen 'im over there one time... it was a dark and stormy night... I wuz fixin to reply to a perticular bad post when all of a sudden through the fog...

Haggy | 14/12/2015

I've seen many threads where people chastise him for one of his comments, but I don't see the comment because it was flagged out of existence. If you see a comment from him and it's abusive, flag it. Other people will too. It will go away.

Now about that evidence....

Captain_Zap | 14/12/2015

Don't flag it. I don't want to be left out.

vperl | 14/12/2015

Little PC girls flag posts, because it hurt their sensibilities, brused their tiny fagile ego and left them weeping in horror

Ross1 | 15/12/2015

Cyber bullying is a jailable offence here

vperl | 15/12/2015

Yep, Communist countries love jail and control,

Plus, being so sensitive must really make actual people weak minded, unable to navigate the real world without the governmental intrusion.

Children need not be on the internet,or get an unagenda driven education, or anything that may cause emotional stress, protect the potentially stressed from life.

Go fish

Red Sage ca us | 15/12/2015

I know mclary. mclary is a friend of mine. You sir, are no mclary.


Pluto is a Planet | 16/12/2015

@Captain_Zap Ikr I feel so left out all the time too :(

jerry | 22/12/2015

OK. Thanks everyone for your input. I get it. There are some nasty people on any forum. Thanks vpert for driving the point home.

Bob.Calvo | 22/12/2015


You just identified the other most flagged person on the forum.
I think that they are having some weird contest.
At least you can generally avoid him by staying off the X Forum.

vperl | 22/12/2015

Tessemme, only drives the point home to those that fit the description.

But all know this.

Ankit Mishra | 22/12/2015

Yo, @vperl!! Long time no see. Avoiding X forum till delivery, eh?

vperl | 22/12/2015

Well, sicko, I always wish to avoid morons like you. Go away...

Ankit Mishra | 22/12/2015


SamO | 23/12/2015


He's still mad.

Ankit Mishra | 23/12/2015

You love memes a lot. Me too. I regularly visit 9gag. Really funny place.