Fold Flat/Split and Stow 3rd Row Seat?

Fold Flat/Split and Stow 3rd Row Seat?

I hope they can make the 3rd row seats a two-seat arrangement instead of one bench seat, and is individually foldable and can be stowed at the rear bay area to create a flat loading storage area. Tesla, please observe how Toyota does it with their Sienna/Previa/Highlander.

Iowa92x | 01/07/2014

Since row 3 is optional, and Tesla will market the X as 5 or 7 seater, I think row 2 will seat 3 and row 3 will seat 2.

danielcleung | 01/07/2014

I understand that part. I just wonder what the rows design will be. Both benches in 2nd and 3rd (very unlikely as the 2nd row seats have to be on fore-and-aft rails for better ingress/egress to 3rd row) or individual seats at all 5 positions? Can the 3rd row seats be stowed and laid flat?

Red Sage ca us | 02/07/2014

I would not doubt there will be an option for removable 'captains chairs' on the second row, with or without the third row. Elon did say that would make for a rather expensive delivery van though...

vandacca | 03/07/2014

#danielcleung: Elon Musk stated (I believe at 2014 the Annual Meeting) that the 3rd row seats would stow-away and lie flat.


danielcleung | 03/07/2014

#vandacca Thank you for the information!