Future re-charging feature Tesla should consider...

Future re-charging feature Tesla should consider...

I'm not sure how many of you own a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, however, the way it charges should be a future consideration for Tesla. It would be really nice to just pull into my garage, and have my car connect to the charger without doing anything.

The way the Roomba does this, is by parking itself into the charging station using a homing device, and special contact sensors (which only turn on, when the devices are connected, to avoid getting shocked when they are not connected and charging).

Again, I am not stating this should be an available feature right now, however, it would be a fantastic future feature to make future Tesla cars even easier to charge.

Brian H | 06/10/2012

That Infinity looks like another pretty loser. 100 mi. (perhaps more, but what maximum?) Standard center bulge, no display screen, etc. I wonder how much it will cost ...

MandL | 07/10/2012

This system retrofits into Volt and Leaf. It would be nice if Tesla offered it as an option or would work with them to develop a supported 3rd party installation. Just need to be able to flush-mount the receiver in front of or behind the battery skateboard.

Brian H | 08/10/2012

So, you would sacrifice 10% of the energy fed into the unit to avoid the horrible inconvenience and backbreaking labour of plugging in. Ohhhkayyyy....

MandL | 08/10/2012

Brian H: Yes. especially in public spaces. Got a mess on my slacks from the cable this morning plugging into an outdoor J1772. And with flu season coming on any public surface I don't have to touch is a good one. My garage is tiny and we have no choice but to squeeze both of our cars into it. We have to back one in and park the other front in with the passenger sides as close to the walls as possible so we can open the driver-side doors. Now add a cable to wrangle and trip over in this tight space between the cars and you start thinking "over 90% efficiency" sounds pretty darn good.

Brian H | 08/10/2012

Yeah, for public and tiny parking spaces, I can see it. For most home garage use (the vast bulk of instances), kind of an expensive indulgence. Could be worth having the receiver if public spaces adopted it.

BYT | 08/10/2012

I would also take the 10% hit, so for a $15 fill up, I lost $1.50. I can live with that! Most likely my fill up will not cost me more then $12 so it's more like $1.20... and add the fact I have solar panels, but who's counting? ;)

archibaldcrane | 08/10/2012

MandL: I also have a very narrow garage - could I ask how narrow yours is? I'm worried about the width of the Model S being too tight of a squeeze for it, even if I pull in the driver's side mirror every time I park in my garage (which might be a huge pain in the ass to do every day).

archibaldcrane | 08/10/2012

Yeah, my garage is literally 89" wide at the narrowest point (the entrance) - a whopping 3" wider than the Model S with the mirrors extended. With the driver's mirror pulled in, I'd pick up about 4.5" of clearance which should be fine (I'm a skilled parker), but yeah. Man I wish power folding mirrors were an option in this car...maybe I could get them added aftermarket?

cmeyers | 08/10/2012

The loss of energy is turned into heat, so a 10KW charge at 90% means you have 1KW of heat. Add that to the heat the car is dumping into your garage and it might get pretty warm unless you live in a cold location.

Timo | 09/10/2012

I think the charging loss is about 5%. ~90kWh to charge 85kWh. Not that 500W heater is not small either.

MandL | 09/10/2012

archibaldcrane: in my garage it's not getting in and out, it's fitting in the bay under our townhouse/condo. There is one huge shared garage for all ten houses, it's just a little tight for two cars to fit in our designated space.

Brian H | 09/10/2012

Rent a neighbour's (unused?) space, if any.