Grey leather interior

Grey leather interior

Will Grey leather interior be offered? Grey in my opinion goes better with some of the exterior colors now being offered.White is too light as i have grandchildren. My daughter thinks the camel is too yellow , although I like it in my Model S. I am worried that black will become hot in the bright California sun

Tâm | 21/10/2015


As long as you use pre-conditioning, you will always step in a nice and cool Model X regardless of colors.

Roamer@AZ USA | 22/10/2015

I expect gray to be offered for production cars and the current white to be a sig car only oddity.

MyXinTx | 22/10/2015

@Stan_Stein I would love to have a grey interior. My current Cayenne is Gray on Gray, and it is sharp looking, if you like Gray.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be an option, so for me it's either black or tan, ventilated of course.

But I live in Texas, and with that enormous front windshield, black may be rough in the summer...but there is always the remote cooling option

ian | 22/10/2015

I expect them to continue to offer a synthetic option to leather so I can see them keeping the white. Of course they could make the synthetic option in each color which would be nice.

Mel. | 22/10/2015

Hope it is white but my bet is that it will be black only.

JeffreyR | 23/10/2015

Don't forget to "tint" your windows and windshield. You can volkerize for recommendations. I remember seeing a video where someone had a meter on their passenger seat and showed how much of a difference the coating made as they raised and lowered the window over the meter.

Some states (like CA) do not allow you to "tint" your windshield, but if you don't get a dark color rumor has it that most CHP will let it slide. I can tell from my polarized sunglasses that several folks have had their windshields coated here in NorCal.

And oh yeah, make sure to pre-cool or pre-heat your car! | 24/10/2015

Perhaps you can 'tint' the white leather? Maybe any color you want? Gray, dark green, fluorescent orange, purple, the mind boggles at the possibilities.

Then if you have kids, you get free mulit-color seats without any work - just wait a few months!

(yes, this is all in jest - I actually like gray too!)