Honk horn when locking car

Honk horn when locking car

I've volkerized and although I think this _must_ have been asked before, would it not be nice if the car honked when you lock the doors with the fob? When I lock the doors with the fob, I always have to look back to see if the lights have flashed or the handles have un-presented.

bobrobert | 27/07/2014

Respectfully disagree - wouldn't wish to wake others in the house when I slink in late. But not to deny you - maybe implemented as an option. | 27/07/2014

Perhaps a beep or more subtle audio sound, but honking the horn is a bit much. For a car renown for being quiet, honking the horn every time the car locks would be quite annoying to everyone else around.

johncrab | 27/07/2014

A Prius style beep would be a decent, user-selectable option, but I prefer the quiet. The honk is an annoying GM thing because they were too cheap to put in something less annoying.

J.T. | 27/07/2014

Certainly the car can play audio files so a sultry, British lady saying "Locking the doors" would be kind of cool.

DTsea | 27/07/2014

You can hear the handles retract. That's enough. I hate chirping cars in the neighborhood....

negarholger | 27/07/2014

The car gives you a visual - just look.

Rheumboy | 27/07/2014

Honk if you're horny!

AmpedRealtor | 27/07/2014

I definitely prefer silence. Why call attention to your location to everyone within earshot when a simple visual cue will suffice?

Tredwell | 27/07/2014

Silence here too. I'd turn off the beep when lowering the rear trunk if I could. And if I could just get the air conditioner to be quiet....

renwo S alset | 27/07/2014

I hate cars (and people) that honk for anything other than an emergency.

sberman | 27/07/2014

@hamer, you say: "I always have to look back ..."

That would not be true if you used a mobile app on your smart phone. The app informs you whether the car is locked.

akikiki | 27/07/2014


philgrocks | 27/07/2014

My 2007 Z06 Corvette had the option of a short honk or not. I wish the model S had the same feature. Gives me confidence that the car is locked as I walk away without having to look back (which I sometimes do now :-( | 27/07/2014

Gives you confidence the horn beeped...

Bighorn | 27/07/2014

Who is not already looking back, lovingly?

Personally, I hate the attention the horn-lock sound draws, but have never needed to lock my car anyway.

dborn | 27/07/2014

Does the car at least flash the lights when it locks? (None on the road in Australia yet, other than 2 cars being used for test drives).

Bighorn | 27/07/2014

Lights do flash.

danej | 27/07/2014

I never press the fob - I just walk away, and it locks.

There's never any need for button pressing on the fob, I just leave it deep in my pocket. Walk up to the Model S, the handles present automatically, get in and put in in Drive and go. When finished, put it in Park, get out and walk away.

Is this a tech package only thing?


gtr | 27/07/2014

The one and only time I heard the Tesla horn was right after our Test Drive. Tesla must have really researched various sounds as it was a very distinctive and commanding sound that I thought was cool at the time. If it was able to be an option it might be good for some. But it will certainly let everyone know that you, and a Tela, were in the area...

gtr | 27/07/2014

Sorry... Tesla

dglauz | 28/07/2014

Yes, Dane, it is a tech package thing. I also seldom touch my key. Exception is when I am in a dodgy neighborhood at night; I think the auto lock is too slow.

BarryQ | 29/07/2014

Horrible idea.

minervo.florida | 29/07/2014


Brian H | 30/07/2014

Renow is not a verb, and is not a parallel to know, known; renown is a noun, meaning fame. Renowned means famous.

hcwhy | 01/08/2014

Speaking of honking....great bumper sticker:

"Honk if you love Jesus; text if you want to meet him"

bfranks273 | 01/08/2014

Honk not! I have faith. and an app...

Steinwand | 01/08/2014

Put your setting to 'walk away lock' and you never have to worry. You walk away and it locks. Hasn't failed me yet.

KevinE | 01/08/2014

I'm still not happy about the blinker volume being increased over a year ago. Silence is bliss!

jbunn | 01/08/2014

NO! It would be horrible.

The lights flash. And the car locks automatically.

renwo S alset | 02/08/2014

I don't listen to my wife, why would I want to listen to my car? | 02/08/2014

Absolutely no noise! Flashing lights and folded mirrors are enough indication.

Larry@SoCal | 02/08/2014

One of the very many things I like about my MS is that it doesn't peep or beep. Would be very sorry to see that function added in some update.

Brian H | 04/08/2014

Optional. Optionality is good.

akikiki | 04/08/2014

NO! It would be horrible. Stop trying to fix something that's not broke.

renwo S alset | 05/08/2014

I think the horn should honk randomly several time a day, so we can be sure it still works. Maybe it could start up randomly also, so we know that there is no problem with it.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

Nooooooooo wheeeeeeeee. Oooooooop. Wheeeeeeee ooooop. Nooooooooooo...

Boy car alarms and beeps are so great!

Or not. | 05/08/2014

I consider this to be an issue only for non-tech cars, because we don’t have the walk-away auto-lock feature. I feel strongly that an audible indicator should be an option. Nearly all tech owners would disable it AND nearly all non-tech owners would enable it. Like Bighorn, I rarely lock my car, but when I do, it NEEDS to be locked. I dislike having to stop, turn around and check if I have correctly pushed the lock button.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

No. Stop disturbing the peace with chirp chirp. The lights flash. Mark 1 eyeball detects it just fine. Plus handle retraction makes very obvious.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

I will go further... I think car lock chirps should be outlawed. | 05/08/2014

@dtsea in non-tech cars, handle retraction does not equal locking.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

Lights still flash.

Your anxiety doesn't justify waking up the neighbors. | 05/08/2014

If I wanted to walk backwards there would not be a problem. It is not anxiety, it is convenience. No way would I wake neighbors, the closest is nearly a 1/2 mile away AND I never lock the car at home. When I lock my car , it is in an area where ambient noise is high enough no one would notice if they were not listening for it. I would prefer this to be an option, you could turn it off, I could turn it on and we would both be happy. Please don't discount my desire for this option just because it is not desirable for you.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

That's your situation but not most people. I know when I push fob button I can see lights flash with a glance over shoulder.

Most people have neighbors closer than you do. | 05/08/2014

YES, that is my situation and it is important to me. Lets make it an option and we can both be happy, Is there a problem with that?

redacted | 05/08/2014

I think MS should honk when you put it in reverse. And keep honking.

Just say no to noisy cars.

renwo S alset | 05/08/2014

bcimae. and you promise to ONLY use it when you are in the boondocks and not when I'm walking by it in a parking lot?

DTsea | 05/08/2014

And you promise my neighbor won't use it when he comes back from his graveyard shift at the hospital? | 05/08/2014

@renwo S alseT
absolutely not, in fact in the boondocks, I probably wouldn't even lock it. I do promise that it would not be worse than my other two vehicles that have that feature.

My old Prius had a back-up beeper, BUT it only sounded inside the car. Talk about silly. Thankfully it could be disabled and I did.
I would not, however, ridiculed those who wanted the feature.

DTsea | 05/08/2014

We didn't ridicule you. Just pointed out that people around don't want chirping noises from your car.... it affects others beside you. | 05/08/2014

Just wondering, how many of you that do not want this feature, have a non-tech car? Please respond.