I crashed my Tesla, now what do I do?

I crashed my Tesla, now what do I do?

I am curious to hear feedback from people about their experiences with collision repairs on the Model S. Share with the rest of us your story:

Where did you fix it? Did it go back to the factory, did they have you take it to a local shop?

What was your insurance company's approach to the repairs? Did they not want to pay for certain repairs the factory deemed necessary?

Were there any delays in getting parts? How long did the repairs take?

How did it look (and feel) after repairs? Did it have to go back for anything?

How did this experience effect your overall experience of Tesla?

Lastly, got any photos???

As a auto body shop training to be Tesla certified (and spending A LOT of money on specialized tools), I want to know what people's experiences have been so we can learn from them. Thanks in advance, for your feedback.

Sam Zamir

Desai | 04/01/2013

I hope that people aren't in crashes already - that would be awful. But would be interested to see what is the outcome.

@Sam: Interesting that your asking about crashed Tesla and your username is CollisionSam.

CollisionSam | 04/01/2013

Yeah, well, as I said: I own a shop training to be Tesla certified. Seems the first few crashes were sent back to the factory for repairs, but they have been diligently working on developing a nationwide network of certified repair shops. So to answer your curiosity - after 20 years in the collision repair industry - CollisionSam seemed like a logical username.

Velo1 | 04/01/2013

Order another. Production is hitting its stride.

I was told by TM guy at Park Meadows (Denver) the Model S is approaching 18,000 reservations.

Volker.Berlin | 04/01/2013
Brian H | 04/01/2013

Early days, but it's definitely statistically sure to happen. Good luck with your venture. What part of the country are you located in?

TV | 07/01/2013

Self regeneration for all body panels within 30 minutes is in the works. In the meantime, get out of the car. Find a shop that knows how to work on them. Or, call Tesla for a reference.

DarrellH | 08/01/2013

We haven't had this issue in the 4+ months we've had the S but I did have a run in with a van in the Roadster. Tesla recommended a body shop that was certified in working with Teslas.

Incidentally, when the crash occurred, I called the Tesla Roadside Assistance line. They took care of picking up the car and trucking it to the recommended body shop.

LUJOLEASING | 07/08/2013

What is the top speed of the models p85?

GeekEV | 07/08/2013

@LUJOLEASING - Interesting, but I can't seem to find that information now on the Tesla site. IIRC, it was 120 for the S60, 125 for the S85 and 130 for the P85. Or maybe it was 130 for the S85 and 135 for the P85, but close enough for government work!