I will allow Tesla Motors to check the logs of my EV. Because I think Tesla Motors should have all the technical data they need!

I will allow Tesla Motors to check the logs of my EV. Because I think Tesla Motors should have all the technical data they need!

I think that it is a good thing that Tesla Motors in the future can keep an eye on how I go about with my EV. If I do things which I should better not do, or which I should do differently, then they can tell me that, because at that moment they will have all the technical data that they need to be able to give me such advise. And that is good for me and also good for Tesla Motors, as this technical data might be valuable to Tesla Motors as well.

Would anyone else like to consider this as well?

GeekEV | 15/02/2013

I too plan to allow full access if given the option...

Benz | 15/02/2013

No, they do it only when a customer has given his/her permission to do it.

GeekEV | 15/02/2013

Is it something that can be enabled/disabled through the touchscreen? Or does Tesla themselves have to do it? I don't have my car yet...

Superliner | 15/02/2013

I'm all in .. They may be able to tell me of problems with the car that are not evident to me. hopefully it will be a two way street and all the data won't just wind up in a glob of data goop in the cloud somewhere.

But if they use it proactively to assist customers with potential problems Even better!

jk2014 | 15/02/2013

The point of the data logs is to provide owners with maintenance information. They will analyze the data to tell you what exactly needs to be fixed in order to maximize Lon term performance. It also allows Tesla to accumulate data to improve the car and EV performance in general. It is extremely valuable info in advancing EV tech and Tesla as a company.

Brian H | 15/02/2013

There is text in the final contract asking if you wish to permit the logging, which must be specifically signed off on. And permission can be (IIRC) withdrawn at any time.

Don't know how that will relate to the service contracts!

Benz | 16/02/2013

@ jk2014


@ Brian H

OK. Wise thing that they ask that in the final contract.

Benz | 16/02/2013

@ nickniketown@gm...

I think it's obvious that Tesla Motors want to improve their EV's.

By the way, what do you believe?

In othe threads you are (most of the time) being a bit negative about Tesla Motors. Why is that?

Brian H | 16/02/2013

A bit? nn believes the whole world is out to screw him and you out of your money. He can conceive and will admit of no other motivation, in particular with Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, etc. It's much worse than tiresome. It's naive, insistent cynicism.

Benz | 17/02/2013

The people from Tesla Motors are doing what they can to deliver a good product. We appreciate that. And so should nickniketown. That's my opinion.

drp | 18/02/2013


I believe they want data for improvements also. It could facilitate supercharger installation as thy see where we need to go. I told them months ago I'm all in because I drive tons and am happy to help all Tesla owners any way I can. However, the response at the time was that they already monitor the cars. I suspect the new sign off is a recent development for those who fear big brother at tesla

ghillair | 18/02/2013

How is what Tesla is doing any different than what GM has done for years with On-Star? Other I believe are also doing, Ford?

lbjack | 18/02/2013

Of course I'd give permission, which I believe has to be in writing. Do I get uptight when my call to support "is being monitored for quality assurance"? Of course not!

Anyway, driving outside your property is not a private activity. What you do in the car that's not related to operating it is private and not recorded. Is there a flight data recorder? Yes. Is there a cockpit voice recorder? No.