Idea to get the car even farther

Idea to get the car even farther

Simply my idea is to get the front or back motor a generator the recharge the buttery. Let say we're getting back 60% (because of the wheel spinning) that could jump from 300 to 480 or plus. And you control 4wd high torque or 2wd butter Distance.I haven't did any research so it may get more.

One last wish can you Agent get it to Middle East / UAE. We have a city with lest co2 in the world (Masdar City) and many world record in dubai and many Landscapes ( Desirt, mountens, Beach .....etc ) tesla I am Waiting for you.

cloroxbb | 02/10/2013

Here we go again...

The "generator" motor is going to need some sort of fuel to generate electricity. If it is using the car's batteries, then it is not doing anything but adding extra "loss" to the equation. Using the battery to recharge the battery is not going to make "extra" energy.

Dubai | 02/10/2013

I ment one generator and other working. That will the front wheel spin and generator.

Brian H | 02/10/2013

Adding more batteries gives you exactly the added range they can support. No more, no less. Regen already returns about 80% of the energy used to climb a hill or mountain, e.g.

tpmeyer | 03/10/2013

I have a similar idea for flying. All you need is a fishing pole. You simply place the hook into the seat of your pants and start reeling. The extra torque generated by the reel will compensate for your weight and you will be able to lift yourself off of the ground. I didn't do any research, but I'm sure it will work.

cloroxbb | 03/10/2013


I literally laughed out loud. Great post! Haha

cloroxbb | 03/10/2013


that is still using the batteries, to charge the same batteries. No gain and more loss.

Notre | 03/10/2013

Great idea, but too late. It's called hybrid vehicles. Tesla doesn't like hybrids because they burn fuel, so instead they plan to install an extra battery to charge the main battery for when you need it.

David70 | 03/10/2013


Thanks. I needed that.

But be careful. Some might think you're being serious.

Brian H | 03/10/2013

No they don't. There is nowhere to install it. The frunk area has been ruled out.

Notre | 05/10/2013

Sorry. Didn't realize this was a serious thread.

hnrk | 06/10/2013

Notre; you better be sorry! Personally, I like to bootstrap myself out of quagmires by grabbing my boots and pulling myself up. Alternatively, if my boots are really messy, I pull my own hair. That works too, but can be a bit painful.

angelesdental.corp | 07/10/2013

TM is already working to increase range. Torque news stated that MX might be powered by new battery pack from samsung.