Ill Management of the Launch Event Invitation Process

Ill Management of the Launch Event Invitation Process

Whoever managed the invitation part of the event did a really poor job.

First off for the first few days only the Signature folks got the invitation. It appeared that people on the Production list, especially those with high numbers, wouldn't stand a chance to receive one. But then all of a sudden this morning (a work day during working hours), looks like every one got invited. But, alas, the space is limited. The hard-working corporate slaves who didn't have time to check personal emails got the door shut in their face. (Your "RSVP" was too late. It could've been so great...)

Then there's the unfathomable decision to invite any reservation holder across the globe to Fremont. Why don't we use all the stores around the world to gather local folks for a real time live event, rather than having people flying cross country and even cross continent, in private jet in certain cases? Not a very green thing to do. Not before the hyper loop is operational.

For folks who do fly to the event, please remember to buy some carbon offsets like those on this site:

They are incredibly cheap.

grant10k | 25/09/2015

It first appeared that people with high numbers wouldn't have a chance to go. Then everyone got a chance to go!

There's just no pleasing some people.

Ankit Mishra | 25/09/2015

We cant sacrifice human culture just because some people are over obsessed with their carbon footprint. Tesla is doing the most to save our planet. Its an event to launch their car which will help reducing no. of oil cars on road. Humans have not yet degenerated so much that they can sacrifice real world communications with other humans.

Please instead of punching theories and moral codes for other to follow on your keyboard, do something to make world better. It might make you less paranoid about things that do not matter. (My opinion. No disrespect intended. I am no one, an anonymous person on internet, I am not better than you in any way).

Ankit Mishra | 25/09/2015

I think my post is filled with too much negativity. I apologise.

bobby | 25/09/2015

"Corporate slaves" can afford a $140K car....?

Just let those who can go enjoy the giddy excitement of it all. You know the nice folks on this forum will report back with good information from the event. Don't rain on their parade.

NumberOne | 25/09/2015

I would have preferred if they invited all of the sig res holders the first day, and then each following day the first 1k production res holders, then the second, and then on day 4, all of the rest. I have been waiting for my car since 2012.

That said, I do not have any complaints. That is just how I would have done it. I missed the RSVP because I was in a meeting. I will be very happy to watch the live stream, and not only that, I will be happily driving my Model X long before the more than 30k people who reserved after I did. | 25/09/2015

@zheng: your frustration is understood, if one expects Tesla to behave like some stodgy old car company. I received my invite yesterday while on the road, too late of course but they knew that. Do we think there is room for 60,000+ people at the event? Of course not. They invited the Sigs. first. Makes sense. Then they invited everyone else with a reservation just to let us know that they didn't forget about us. I can live with that. | 25/09/2015

As if I had a choice...

ir | 25/09/2015

I never got any invite and I am a Model X reservation holder :(

Was it an e-mail?

NumberOne | 25/09/2015

@ir. If you go to your profile there is a little check box under your phone number that indicates whether you receive e-mails from Tesla or not. If it is checked, it might have gone to spam.

ernie | 25/09/2015

No question you will see more if you turn on your computer and watch online.

aesculus | 25/09/2015

I think the biggest mistake Tesla made was not informing people that space was limited and they would have to act quick to insure a spot. Bonnie graciously filled that missing bit of info in for them but with just a few hours to spare.

I also think they should have invited all the sig's on the first pass and then let the dust settle for a few days (48 hours), and then open the flood gates to 'first come first served' of the regular reservation holders.

carlk | 25/09/2015

These are all first world problems. Have you ever tried to get a reservation at some of those hot restaurants? I don't even mean by days ahead but weeks or even months ahead. Life is never perfect or even fair. | 25/09/2015

See, everybody, @carlk has the right attitude. Tesla didn't make any mistake----this time. Still not a perfect company but they hit the ball out of the park with the Model S. Let's hope they made it 2-2 with the Model X.

Red Sage ca us | 25/09/2015

It is an indoor event at Fremont. There are these guys, you may have heard of them, called 'Fire Marshalls'. They tend to get all persnickety over things such as life/safety and stuff. So, they may seem rather cautious when placing occupancy limits. Anyway, though it is a huge facility, not all of it is 'finished' in such a way that it could contain regular staff, executives, founders, presenters, the press, and several thousand eager fans, plus their guests. Tesla Motors is not at the point where they can rent Levi's Stadium for a day just yet. Maybe when the Model ≡ is released.

carlk | 25/09/2015

@george Yes I'm amazed that there are so many people with that entitlement attitude. I thought only teenagers have that. If you're still not happy when you got this awesome car then nothing will make you not to have a miserable life.

Milly Amp | 25/09/2015

Saying "first world problems" is the new black :) To give folks who have waited years a couple of hours to respond, without a caveat about VERY limited space, just isn't right IMHO. Is it solving world peace ? No. But it's been typical of the whole rollout process-limited, poor communication with seemingly no concern for buyers. How about starting the invites a month ago and giving each sequential group two days to respond until full ?

JeffreyR | 25/09/2015

I think they should have live mirror events at all the stores where late hours are available. For example Houston is in the middle of the Galleria and Santa Monica & Santana Row are open to the street. If they were really clever they could hand out key fobs too (maybe just commemorative ones) to any reservation holders.

It would have been interesting to see the turn out. Who knows maybe folks would have signed up for new reservations. I wonder what it would have cost? Could not be more than a new reservation or two per location.

Better to hold the event a little earlier and do it on a Friday or Saturday night. Oh well. Maybe for the Model ≡....

carlk | 26/09/2015

The event will be live streamed for anyone who's interested to watch.

In the end what matters is still what the product they introduce at the event instead of who can be there. Elon said a business should put all the efforts in providing better products and that marketing is usually a waste of resources. I think there is a lot truth in that. You will beg them to sell you the car if it's as great or greater than what we expect. And you won't buy the car if it's not up to our expectation even if Elon comes to your door beggin you to buy it. Any distractions for them from making the best product wouldn't be good for us customers in the end. I'd rather Elon to lose sleeps thinking about how to make the car better than how to make sure there will be an event that everyone will be happy with.

Ankit Mishra | 26/09/2015

+1 @carlk

Red Sage ca us | 26/09/2015

JeffreyR & carlk: +1!

Milly Amp | 26/09/2015

I think the big guy has people for party planning, he's trying to colonize Mars from what I hear. Probably not losing sleep over either one.

Eracer | 26/09/2015

I was not aware there was so little time to respond. So honestly I'm even more happy now that I can attend. On the other hand if they had told me it's too late, I would have saved a lot of time and money. Anyway I'm very much looking foreward to go.