July "pause" will be to put Model X into production line

July "pause" will be to put Model X into production line

I just did the factory tour in Fremont and was told that the July pause will allow Tesla to put the Model X into production. I didn't get an answer on how many MXs will be produced during this pause, or if any will go to reservation holders, but he said they are likely to be adding a 3rd shift soon.

Maybe they'll make 100-200 MXs to send out to SCs for test drives and to work out the kinks in production before they make any that go to real customers? That's what I'd do.

Red Sage ca us | 25/06/2014

Yeah. Something like this:

Initial Prototype / Test Vehicles / Final Demonstrators / Founders / Signature / Reserved / Production

I would not be surprised if the very first Signature owners receive their cars in December 2014. That rollout would continue through the unveiling of the Generation III Prototypes in January 2015. I'm sure that is the goal that Tesla Motors is striving toward, anyway.

rossRallen | 28/06/2014

"Early 2015 delivery for Signature series" is what I was told by e-mail.