LA times article- electronic gremlins?

LA times article- electronic gremlins?

Author points out a 'pixelation' glitch in the screen behind steering wheel. He has obviously not read how to reset this screen from the owners manual or on this forum.

He also points out two issues that are really NOT electronic. He says the he didn't close the door completely and the stereo stayed on (uhhh ok. So close the door next time?).

And then he closes with "the car doesn't have heated seats". This was the most confusing statement. Every car that has been built should have leather and heated seats are standard with that config right? So why doesn't his car have them? My guess is he didn't know how to turn them on? What do you guys think? I don't see a way to email this guy to ask him. Sadly another review with misleading details has been posted.

Overall a bit amateurish review, and none of the 'gremlins' he brings up are truly concerning to me. Not sure how he has a multi-part article gig.

Jolinar | 08/11/2012

That car really doesn't have heated seats... see their
photo gallery and select number 5 photo. You can see it on the bottom of the 17-inch display. I really don't understand why Tesla lended them car without heated seats :(

kelly | 08/11/2012

I think the heated seats situation must be the result of an older software version, as heated seats is standard according to the Tesla Specs page...and my Sig definitely has heated seats!

I also had the display pixelation in my S, which seemed to appear as I started to charge the first evening. I also, had a software update the first evening and I haven't seen any pixelation I'm guessing this test vehicle simply needs the latest software update, and I would expect it would solve the pixelation and display the seat heater icons.

rd2 | 08/11/2012

That's truly unfortunate that he was given an older software version if that is the case. Certainly sounds light it though. :(

krogers | 08/11/2012

Looking at the interior rear seat pictures clears up the lack of heated front seats. This car does not have the leather seat package. Look carefully at the picture of the rear seats -- fabric and synthetic leather that matches what you see on design studio when select non-leather interior.

mrspaghetti | 08/11/2012

So he either got an old beta or a newly produced production model.

Either way, no big issues that he wrote about.

jd3tm | 08/11/2012

concerning the pixelation...I have latest SW/Firmware and still have it occasionally on driver screen. Have submitted bugs and got response that it should be fixed in next release. May have been an Nvidia Tegra 2 issue.

concerning fabric, no heated seats, etc. I have also seen a few "production" Model S's with various combinations of interior and exterior so the variant given to LA times may be a recent build Model S (still a Marketing vehicle of course). I suspect Tesla gave one without seat warmers since they were in LA - who would want seat warmers in LA... Bay area sure; but, LA???