Legroom in the X

Legroom in the X

Looking at all the videos of drivers in the Model X it seems they are smashed up against the front dash with their knees almost touching. And most of these drivers are not what I would call tall. I have a 36" inseam and drivers legroom is the deal killer for me.

Add to that when looking at how much room was left in the 2nd row seats it did not seem like much. And the third row was a joke reserved for tiny children.

Do we have any idea if the front and second rows will have less legroom then the S as they try to jam three rows into a 2 row tub?

Any current S owners that are tall have any issues or complaints with the legroom and seating comfort?

ian | 10/05/2015

All reports from those that have actually sat in the early X prototypes is that there is more legroom than it appears when just looking at it.

Maybe they will chime in here but if you go back through the threads already started here you'll find that this question has been asked and answered in a few threads.

Use to search here or go to for more discussions.


aesculus | 10/05/2015

Thanks for the tool. Could not find a way to search the threads.

ian | 10/05/2015

You're welcome!

Brian H | 12/05/2015

Lots of threads have search tools. You didn't look very hard.