Live broadcast!

Live broadcast!

So, I've been working on putting together what I need to do live broadcasts using my nice Canon Vixia HF M50 ... I could use my iPhone, sure -- but wanted the better video :-)

I'm waiting to hear back from Tesla corporate communications on whether I can live broadcast / record the delivery (since a Tesla employee would be on camera for everything he said). If I can't do that, what I'll attempt to do is record the arrival of the car and whatever else happens up until the point the Tesla individual arrives (it'll be separate -- hooray for no sales license in Mass. yet), and then do additional live broadcasts throughout the coming weeks where I do Q&A with anyone and everyone.

I'll be using Livestream for everything. You'll probably want to follow me and just check into the site ahead of time. My Livestream account:

My car is scheduled to be here Thursday or Friday. No idea which day or what time, so timing will be tricky. I'll post information as I get it.

Side note: I don't check in here nearly as often as I do TMC. The same thread there will likely be updated more frequently:!