mains power from battery

mains power from battery

hi all, apologies if this is an old topic but I am curious if anyone has developed an installation to draw mains voltage power from the battery pack, for use to run a home electrical appliance in power outage or just when out and about. I understand Nissan plan to offer this with the Leaf.

Timo | 01/12/2011

I don't know if Tesla is planning to do anything like that, but I would like to have some high-voltage output plug somewhere too. Sounds easy to do and car with 90kWh battery could run my home for nearly three weeks without even trying to reduce elec usage. UPS of big scale.

joe.gruber | 27/12/2011

Currently I am testing.. I call it... a "solar battery" I got a 30kVA UPS from our Co. and use it without any great modification to supply my home at night with the power which I get from the PV during the day. It works quite well. I just have to throw the switch manually.
Altogether I have 2300 Ah on 12 V Lead Batteries, which is approx. 27kWh in total.

Now, the idea of Mark occurred to me as well. Perhaps when the warranty is over and the capacity is down to 70% (as they say after approx. 10 years) and I need to invest in a new Battery for the Tesla, Then I might try to tap the energy from the old Battery.
Only.. will it be possible? I understand that the Power Module (PME) and some of the system will surely be needed or "borrowed" as well. (Just thinking about the complexity of charging etc.)

So I am not too keen to follow this track.... unless... as Mark mentioned about Nissan...
that Tesla installs a simple socket... and viola... we have emergency power during a black-out.

Sudre_ | 07/01/2012

I know the utility company in my area is very concerned about this kinda backup power. If your car can simply reverse feed your house then many ppl will use the feature a few without thinking about manually turning off their main breaker. The average Tesla forum reader is a little smarter than the average person.

So here's the story of a poor outside lineman repairing a downed line. A person comes home with their new electric fairly charged car and discovers the powers out. They plug it in and turn it on to generate mode without disconnecting the house from the grid. The car for a seconds sends power to the whole neighborhood seriously injuring the worker.

Douglas3 | 07/01/2012

Any vehicle-to-grid system would be designed to automatically cut out when power is lost. If there's a bypass feature for powering your own home, it would have to be designed to disengage from main power. It would never be approved for use otherwise.

Power workers are trained to never assume a line is dead. They are always supposed to check it first, even if they "know" it isn't powered. People are always doing fool things like hooking generators to their house with a two-ended plug without throwing the main breaker.