Mode X Debut

Mode X Debut

Pure Conjecture:

Model X will debut at the Hawthorne Airport. Reporters and guests will line a test track. The X will exit a hangar, display it's Insane mode, then decelerate just as quickly and come to an abrupt stop in a semicircle of spectators. The falcon doors will open to reveal the much anticipated rear seating. Then the front doors will open to reveal no driver.

Red Sage ca us | 30/04/2015

If so, I hope I don't have to sneak in...

...but I'm pretty sure they will do this at Fremont instead.

raffael s. | 01/05/2015

@ Red: didn't they do the D event at Hawthorne?
@ tpmeyer: Or it could be different. Could be a semi-oval. What exactly are you trying to tell us?

vperl | 01/05/2015

Hopes and delusion

ir | 03/05/2015

That's an entrance for a Lambo, not a Model X!

It will emerge with a trailer attached. It will pull up next to a Ford F-150 with same trailer load and proceed to out drag it. It will then drop the trailer, turn around and pull up to a Porche 911 and beat it in a drag race back.

Elon will pull out his phone and summon it to his side (v7.0 intro).

Pulling up to Elon, it will open and unload a full complement of 7 passengers and luggage (trunk & frunk).

Now that would be an intro in line with Tesla's MO.

carlk | 03/05/2015

@ir Sounds good to me.

ian | 03/05/2015

@ir - That would be an awesome intro indeed!

I hope they're reading these and steal that idea!

Red Sage ca us | 03/05/2015

The first Model S deliveries were made at Fremont.

The first Model X deliveries will be made at Fremont.

jordanrichard | 07/05/2015

Elon said there would be no big "reveal" event. I am sure he was meaning like the whole "D" announcement. So, perhaps it will be like the first MS deliveries.