Model X details removed on updated web site

Model X details removed on updated web site

Hmmmm. Will new renderings be up soon???

timf2001 | 11/01/2015

It's a good sign that they didn't spend the time to redesign the old page. I'm sure they have a new page ready to go that's just waiting for the official reveal.

NumberOne | 11/01/2015

I can't wait, and I am glad that the entire menu changed too. I am not really a big fan of dropdown menus.

Red Sage ca us | 11/01/2015

I could never figure out how to use the dropdown menus on a tablet... First touch, and ZOOM!

Roamer@AZ USA | 11/01/2015

@red Sage

The drop downs were a pain on an iPad.

TonyInNH | 11/01/2015

Is it a coincidence that the site update coincides with the NAIAS in Detroit?

vandacca | 11/01/2015

Why would Tesla remove information from the Model-X page? Is it because the information is no longer accurate?

ian | 11/01/2015

We can only hope vandacca!

Iowa92x | 11/01/2015

Old image of X on the site, no reason to spend IT time building new webpages with old data. Real deal pics coming soon.

aljjr2 | 11/01/2015

I would guess updates to the X page will wait until after a reveal. With 20K plus reservations world wide, Tesla most likely will make the reveal of the design a significant "Event". Tweet Tweet Tweet someday soon... hopefully.

Running to check my email... lol

Red Sage ca us | 11/01/2015

I'll be checking out the site early in the morning... Apparently the NAIAS festivities begin at 6:30 am EST... So, 3:30 am PST. I figure if the site is going to update with information on the Model X, that would be the earliest it happens... Unless it updates at midnight PST...

vandacca | 12/01/2015

It's my guess that they are currently updating the site with the new information and possibly the Model-X design studio, and the new landing page is a temporary place-holder. It may take their web developers a few weeks to get that ready, but it will be ready for the official unveil of the Model-X.

I don't expect a reveal of the Model-X for at least 2 weeks, so the earliest reveal would be end of January in my opinion.

NumberOne | 12/01/2015

I agree that the new landing page is a temporary place holder, but I doubt it means the other site is not ready. Only time will tell. Either way, I am super psyched.

dc661 | 12/01/2015

Apparently we will not be seeing the debut of the production Model X at the NAIAS.

vandacca | 12/01/2015

I've done a lot of consulting for many companies in my past, and I have seen how many companies operate internally. I strongly suspect that Tesla is not big enough to have it's own Web development team and if they do, it's not likely to be a large dedicated team only focused on their web presence.

Tesla likely out-sources their web development and it would make sense for them to make changes in "batches" when they have significant changes they want done. I'm guessing that they're ready with the details of the new site (e.g. they want to work on the Model-X design studio). It would make sense to include minor changes/updates to the Model-X page (as they have done recently, along with the UI changes) with that batch so they can prepare for the eventual roll-out.

That's why I estimated that the Model-X reveal won't be until the end of January (at the earliest). Realistically, it will more likely be sometime in February. They may do the reveal slightly ahead of the Design Studio being ready, depending on Elon's tastes. He may want to copy Apple's announce and release a week later paradigm.

TonyInNH | 12/01/2015

I smell a potential Superbowl commercial :)

vandacca | 12/01/2015

A Superbowl commercial would be cool. Too bad Tesla hasn't spent a single dime on advertising yet, making a Superbowl commercial highly unlikely. | 12/01/2015

Instead of a commercial, Elon will land a Spacex Falcon on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl during half time.

aljjr2 | 12/01/2015

LOL... @georgehawley Now that would be Elon-Like.

ian | 12/01/2015

That would have been awesome. Might have happened had they got the first one landed in one piece!

vandacca | 12/01/2015

I see no reason why Elon wouldn't delay the next launch (currently set for January 29th) by 3 days to coincide with the Superbowl. It would be a helluva Hail-Mary play.

Remnant | 12/01/2015

@ vandacca (January 12, 2015)

<< I strongly suspect that Tesla is not big enough to have [its] own Web development team .... >>

Unwarranted speculation, vandacca, but you should watch your grammar none the less.

Red Sage ca us | 13/01/2015

vandacca, Tesla Motors definitely has their own internal web development. The forum software we are using is a modified form of their internally developed blog software. | 13/01/2015

Shall we fire them or give them one more chance?

vandacca | 13/01/2015

@Remnant - 1 : @Brian_H - 0
@RedSage, where did you hear that Tesla developed their own blog software? Typically, most companies uses open-source blog software and any "modifications" can be done inside of a configuration file.

Regardless, I implied that even if Tesla had their own internal team, it would be very small. This speculation is helpful in trying to nail down the announcement of the Model-X for the following reasons:

1.) If Elon wants to follow Apple's "announce and release a week later" paradigm, then they have to get to work on the website.

2.) Therefore, the work on the website may be an indicator of Tesla getting to the next phase

3.) I estimate that building the Design Studio (assuming they start with the Model-S Design Studio) should take a minimum of 2 weeks (probably a lot longer if you include QA/Testing), depending on how much customization is required.

4.) The "trimming-down" of the existing landing page and the new UI indicates that some work has begun on the site, and that likely means that the new design of the Model-X page is completed or is near completion.

5.) Having worked on many such projects, my gut tells me that the site should be ready by mid-February (including inevitable delays).

6.) Therefore, I predict that the announcement of the Model-X would be sometime in February at the earliest. There are always unforeseen delays that push these projects out. For whatever reason, whenever someone estimates a software project, it's always too optimistic.

Of course, if Tesla made some small announcements every now and then, I would be totally distracted by the new information and wouldn't waste my time making stupid speculations like this one. :-/

vandacca | 13/01/2015

Before @Remnant or @Brian_H complain, I just realized that my first paragraph had a typo...
...Typically, most companies use open-source blog software...

NumberOne | 13/01/2015

Not that I think anyone here is an expert (I just happen to have experience as a web application developer). Tesla is not just another car company. They have, like other car companies, thousands of employees, and very likely a corporate intranet that may or may not have been developed in house. Perhaps they did not have one in 2009, but the most certainly do now.

Tesla also has a team of software developers. A web site is actually something any good programmer can handle in a very short time.

I do not see the point in speculating whether they have a web team or not, but even amongst large organizations, web teams are typically very small.

aljjr2 | 13/01/2015

Certainly not an expert on Web design. However, I noted a pattern during the last few updates:

1. The forum post seem become "un-read" (all red boxes) regardless whether one has previous reviewed the post;
2. A few days later, the correct post indicators return, with a major update to the site.

This seems to be a pattern in the past indicative of major changes. It occurred during the "D" update in October, and again during the redesign of the site a week ago.

Not 100% sure, but this may indicate a "place-holder" back up being activated while the final changes are incorporated into the "production" site. Then the site, with updates is returned.

I will be watching to see when the post all turn "red" again, to see if that is a precursor to the Model X Design Center. Or another major update. | 13/01/2015

One would think that if the company's official website were in the midst of a major overhaul that there would be an acknowledgement of same somewhere on said website...

Red Sage ca us | 14/01/2015

There is a very old video on YouTube, possibly Vimeo as well, that talks about the beginnings and expansion of Tesla Motors. One of the guys/executives who is in charge of information technologies mentioned that the entire website experience is integrated with the ordering systems and every other aspect of the company. It was coded internally and is quite scalable, very robust. He was quite proud of the achievement, specifically because they didn't have to contract out to an external source.

Brian H | 14/01/2015

The software team was 9 about a year ago.

cdave | 14/01/2015

Model X page down for maintenance at 4:53am......

Svenssons | 14/01/2015

@cdave: Don't know your time zone but it's up now with no change.

cdave | 14/01/2015

@Svenssons: Eastern time US. Maybe a false alarm or maybe overnight testing? Other pages were not affected.....

jordanrichard | 20/01/2015

Although I agree it would be huge if Tesla actually revealed the Model X via a Superbowl commercial, I doubt it will happen. A 30 sec. spot is going for $4.5 million. There are better places to spend that kind of coin., when they don't need to pump up sales of the Model X. The first year's production is already sold out.

kevin | 23/01/2015

The first 3 months production is already sold out.

ian | 23/01/2015

3 months? I highly doubt they'll make 20,000+ in the first three months.

Svenssons | 24/01/2015

If you think that Model X will be released on the last day of Q3 and that this on Teslas web page "The delivery estimate for new reservations is early 2016" is 1st of January it would be correct with 3 months...

3 months for 20k of a new model is very unlikely. If Model X is released in July and new reservations will be delivered in maybe February it would be about 6-7 months for 20k cars and that is more likely but still very optimistic.

Grey Model S85 | 25/01/2015

Could it be that they have decided to drop the Model X completely and continue only with the Model S and the E?
I'm sure the refunds will be on their way.

vandacca | 25/01/2015

Good one @Grey_Model_S85. My how quickly we forget all the delays in the Model-S. This is normal, nothing left to see here, carry on. See you in Q3 in my shiny new Model-X.

Brian H | 25/01/2015

The reason for the delays: initial projections assume they won't have any more good ideas in the interim. Then they do. Good ideas take time to implement and include. | 25/01/2015

Here's a good idea: Quit screwing around and build the MX.

SBCB | 25/01/2015

Does anyone know if the X is going to use the same assembly line as the S? I know originally they would share production lines, but after touring the plant, and looking at all the new hardware going in, i'm guessing they are changing course and going with a dedicated X production line. They have plenty of space in that 5mil sq ft plant.

vandacca | 25/01/2015

Yes, it was confirmed last summer that Tesla was shutting down the plant for a few weeks (in August) to put in a 2nd line for the Model-X and make improvements on the Model-S line.

ian | 25/01/2015

According to the last shareholder letter they are sharing the final assembly lines (which was upgraded last summer) but the X is getting it's own "body" line (which is supposedly going in now).


Red Sage ca us | 25/01/2015

Brian H: +1 UP! Great point.

jacksiart | 26/01/2015

I went on a factory tour Friday and we saw the idle MX body line. The MS line is split in two with right and left drive cars merging in the final assembly line. They didn't elaborate, but I assume they will merge the MX into the final assembly line. Lots of robots move them all around so they don't need to merge the old school lines. | 26/01/2015

If the "final" assembly line is where they put the bodies on the chassis, then all MS could share a line and the MX would have a different one, I should think.

ian | 26/01/2015

I understand the body line to be where the body is welded together while the final assembly line would include the drivetrain, suspension, wheels, dash, doors, seats, and other interior items.

Honestly though, I've only just seen the videos that show the factory. Well, that and I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. ;-)

Brian H | 27/01/2015

Did it have robotic staff?

TonyInNH | 27/01/2015

As a resident of NH I'd be happy if one of the new features of the X is either a heat ray to clear a path through 2 feet of snow or at the least have it convert to a snow mobile.