Model X orders

Model X orders

I see reservations for the model X start at noon PST on 2/10. Who thinks they'll be reserving one right away? I also wonder if there will be a signature edition. Ironically, my trip to the unveiling guarantees I won't have the opportunity to be among the first. I'll be on a plane to get home by then. Have to sell my wife on the X anyway, as she would be the primary driver.

phb | 08/02/2012

I'm planning on reserving (assuming it's $5,000 and fully refundable like the Model S) as soon as I can. I'm in the same boat in that my wife would be the primary driver. She really likes her current vehicle but I have a suspicion that she's going to really like the convenience of never needing to go to the gas station once the Model S gets here. Basically I'm afraid that I'll have to fight her for the S; if I have the X already on order I can get away with it.

If we decide not to get one we'll just pull our reservation.

ViewAskew | 09/02/2012

We are anxiously awaiting the reveal to get a good look at the X. My wife is sold on me purchasing a Model S. She joked that she’d love to get an EV SUV. Depending on cost it’ll definitely be on our radar. If nothing else I’ll probably reserve one and see how things go with the vehicle.

Volker.Berlin | 09/02/2012

BTW, there is now a new forum section dedicated specifically to the Model X:

olanmills | 09/02/2012

Dang you guys aren't helping my cause, ording an S and an X, lol. I hope there's a lot of people who switch from an S to an X!

Leofingal | 09/02/2012

We'll see how my wife reacts to the reveal. I'm not sure we can swing both the S and X, but I'm getting an S for sure.

Brian H | 09/02/2012

The reveal was video only, no voice or text. But definitely fore-and-aft motors. Could be a blast to drive!

cerjor | 09/02/2012

I watched part of the reveal and I don't think I'll be ordering an X. Although I like the gull wings on the MB and Delorean, the falcon wings just don't look right in this application. I also don't need 4wd but need the extra range.

olanmills | 10/02/2012

I would love to have 4WD or FWD on the S. I'm still worried about ice and snow.

Anyways I'm curious to see what the general reaction to the X is. While I don't think it's ugly or anything, I don't really like it. It just looks like a fat Model S. The rear doors are cool. You what kind of reinforced my unease with the design? There's this quote from the CNET article.

"Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen says he tried to design the car to not look too masculine or too feminine."

So what, you made it look androgynous instead? I dunno, I definitely can see how people will think it's stylish, it has some nice details, but I also think it looks mind of odd. Then again, I don't think most SUVs look very good anyway.

Brian H | 10/02/2012

Is "gay" the word you were looking for? Very non-PC of you! ;)

engle | 10/02/2012

@Teoatawki: I heard Elon mention like the S, there will be signature and production X models people can reserve.

Brian H | 10/02/2012

So far, the X page shows performance options, basically "hotter" dual motors. Pricing is stated to be similar to similarly equipped S models. Since there's a single-motor RWD X version, don't know how that figures in.

Crow | 10/02/2012

I don't need an SUV so I'll stick with my S. I am wondering if the X is really going to take off. Most of the SUV drivers I know are people who shuttle their kids around all weekend to far off places for activities. Range anxiety is going to be an even bigger hurdle for the X than it is for the S.

EdG | 10/02/2012

It looks like they're sticking with the S battery pack; no increase in battery technology.
Doesn't look like Tesla is averse to having a lack of console under the dash; this probably goes for the finished S as well.
I wonder how the falcon door does with a 30 mph crosswind.
And I wonder what it's going to be like trying to get kids into the rear of the car while there's wind and precipitation.
No specs yet on how wide and how big the rear would be if all the seats were folded down.
I'd still like an S with that all wheel drive taken out of the X.

perbakken | 10/02/2012

The only interesting things with the Model X is the use of two motors, and the use of cameras instead of side view mirrors. When can we expect to see the same equipment in Model S? Please - let it happen very soon!
By use of two motors I am sure that even the Roadster would struggle to keep up with the "Model S Twin Performance" from 0 to 60 mph!
And by use of cameras I am quite sure that the driving distance could be more than 300 miles.

BYT | 10/02/2012

perbakken, he mentioned that for reasons of safety that they may have to abandon the use of camera's for the side mirrors even if it does make the car more aerodynamic.

Teoatawki | 10/02/2012

@EdG I wonder what it's going to be like trying to get kids into the rear of the car while there's wind and precipitation.

Standing under your your personal rain roof wrestling your little monstersdarlings into their seats-- no problem.

@BYT Abandon the use os cameras for the side mirrors--


Teoatawki | 10/02/2012

Looks like they took at least 250 X orders last night.

jbunn | 10/02/2012

With the falcon doors fully open, what is the speed before we become airborn, and how will that compare to the Signature X?

Mycroft | 11/02/2012

Is anybody else old enough to remember the flying nun? Don't the doors look like Sally Fields hat when they're open?

Would you believe that show ran three seasons for a total of 83 episodes?!!! As an 8 year old, I enjoyed it. :-o

Leofingal | 11/02/2012

I do remember that from my childhood as well. Strange concept for a show really.

stephen.kamichik | 11/02/2012

I also remember the flying nun.

Teoatawki | 11/02/2012

Wow! Has this thread taken a left turn!

Clearly, the weight of the X will be like Sister Bertrille after the Mother Superior made her wear weights around her neck to prevent flying.

Now I'm fully complicit in my own thread's hijacking.

Robert.Boston | 11/02/2012

btw, this thread should really close out to shift the discussion to the Model X forums.

Brian H | 11/02/2012

airborne at 170 mph; but there's severe loss of traction. Special wheel flanges and dual motors spinning flat out are necessary to sustain flight for more than 2 minutes.

vperl | 12/05/2015

Sally Fields